Sixth Sense Fired Up

sixth sense, acupuncture, energyI arrive for my acupuncture session wondering what the heck I’m doing here (see Just Needling You). As I inform David the acupuncturist, I feel great, just great! My mood is high, my body is light and lithe, my energy is normal.

However, I do proclaim that I’m ready for increased energy. I believe that we have so many more abilities/instincts/sixth senses than we rely on.

We just need to learn how to fire them up.

I mention that I’m ready to be fired up.

But I forget about all that when David urges me to relax on the comfortable acupuncture table. Classical music wafts in the background and sunlight glows gently through a closed shade. The only reason I know that needles are sticking out of my ankles and hands and neck is because David tells me.

Huh, I don’t feel a thing.

Then he leaves me alone.

I don’t panic. I don’t hyperventilate or berate myself for being prone on a high table with flexible steel sticking in my skin while I hum to Brahms.

In fact, I almost fall asleep.

But David returns before I embarrass myself with a snore or two. He holds my head healing energy, acupuncture, energy with handswith two hands, his energy so intense that my scalp prickles. Inside my head, I’m yelling, “what the heck is he doing now?”

After the session is over and I kind of sway out of the office, I ask him exactly that.  David offers me an intelligent and wise answer.

I have no idea what he says, though, because suddenly dirt is swirling all around me. Or, perhaps the better term is “dust.”

pigpen, acupuncture, jujuBut neither David nor his receptionist seem to see anything strange, so I walk out of the office and into the bright sunlight, where the dust swirls so violently around me that I immediately think of Pigpen from Peanuts. Whatever is the matter with me?

But then it hits me.


The thought is so strong that I pause before I continue walking toward my car.

What to do? I should not drive this car, because I’M GOING TO BE IN A CAR ACCIDENT. I try to discount that thought, since it’s ridiculous, but I can’t, because the fact is so true, so real, I can’t ignore it.

Should I call my guy? Yes, I should, but I’m 25 minutes away and he’s in the middle of a work deadline. What am I going to say, anyway, “Hi, Pigpen here. I can’t drive home because I’m going to be in a car accident.”

I open the car door, sit for almost five minutes, breathing in and out, trying to dispel the dust.

Then I make a plan. I will NOT be in a car accident. I will drive so carefully, and slowly, that it will be impossible for me to cause a car accident.

I pull the car out of my space and drive for under a minute before I’m stopped at a red light, expelling a huge sigh of relief. See? What can happen? I’m stopped at a red light.


My head whips forward as my car is hit, hard, from behind.

I yell out loud and say a few “fired up” words.

And then I laugh –alone in my car. I’m so happy I laugh louder. I did not cause the car accident! Someone else did.

I pull over to the next street a few yards away, and the car that hit my rear bumper pulls over too. A sweet young man folds out of the driver’s seat, looking so worried I want to hug him and say “there, there.”

Instead I ask softly but insistently, “Why did you hit my car?”

He shrugs morosely. “I don’t know. I looked down for a second and the next thing I knew, my car banged into yours.”

With hands shaking, he shows me his license and registration (22, college student) and I snap a photo of all the information. My car bumper is scratched and dented, but not as badly as it felt. His car is untouched.

I shake hands with him, almost apologetically. At that point, I’m still afraid that my dusty juju made his car hit mine.

I drive the rest of the way home with no incident. When I tell my guy I’ve been in a car accident, instead of examining the car, he hugs me for a long time. He then declares I have no dust swirling around me.

But I take a long bath anyway. That’s when the truth hits me.

I didn’t cause the accident.

I foretold it.

Acupunted energy.

Do you dare try it?

99 thoughts on “Sixth Sense Fired Up

  1. My physio friend is going to love your story…she always warns me to drive carefully after a session…especially acupuncture and cranial together! And thinking back I recall she always stands at the door till I’m out of sight…now you can read that anyway you like!


    • I’d love to know what your physio (acupuncture and cranial sacral) friend says about my experience. Has she seen this happen often? Yes, I think after acupuncture we all need to sit for awhile and let the energy settle.


  2. This is such a captivating read, Pamela. I think deep inside all of us there is some unnamable force that is connected to the “soul” of the universe, however you want to define that term. It’s natural for those two entities – your soul and the soul of the universe – to connect with each other and become one. However, we (along with societal influences in general) continue to throw up road blocks that prevent the two from reaching each other. However, they never do stop trying, resilience at its best. And when we are able to mitigate the influence of those external forces (whether through acupuncture, yoga, meditation, or any of a number of sources), we are able to catch glimpses of that magical connection. Thanks for sharing, Pamela. Still not sure about the acupuncture, but you have certainly inspired me to become a little more aware of finding that quiet voice inside me and listening to it a bit more closely 😉


    • Well, I see here that you and I have a lot more in common that the love of writing, Dave. Yes, I believe exactly as you explain it here – an unnamable force is connected to us and the soul of the universe. And how powerful, when that force is allowed to work within us! Oh, it feels so great to have you totally ‘get’ what I experienced and felt. The magical connection.

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    • Certainly an experience that has, and will, stay with me for a long time. That’s why I wanted to share it on my blog. As scary as ‘seeing’ into the near future can be, it’s pretty cool, isn’t it? 🙂


  3. Wow. Certainly glad you are okay. I am definitely staying away from acupuncture, as I have enough problems coping with the here and now. Sensing something in the future would be unsettling to say the least.


    • I think you should try it, Elizabeth. You’re definitely ‘open’ enough to gain some kind of perspective, and maybe your body will respond to a few needles too! I think Karen is ready to take the plunge, so to speak. I’m off to get ‘needled’ again next week. :-0


    • I’ll admit, Carrie, that for a while I stayed away from even thinking about alternative medicine after the ‘prophesy’ experience. But now that I’ve had more time to think about it, I believe my experience proved the force and strength of the energy within us. I think I’ll try to tap into it again. What about you?


  4. Wow. I love it. Exactly! Sorry about the car accident, Pam, but what a powerful experience. It makes me think about the nature of time, paths we walk, that our “reality” is so much more than we think it is. Some people believe that all the potential paths of our lives already exist and each choice is like a fork in the road (Sunwielder). It feels like a new step, but the road already exists. In that respect, you had a glimpse of the road ahead. Very Cool!


  5. What an unsettling feeling. What is it they say about vibes we send out into the universe?
    Glad it wasn’t more than a scratch and dent. Are you going to tell your acupuncture guy about this?
    Be careful out there. ❤ ❤ ❤


  6. I don’t know what it is about acupuncture, but it’s a singular experience. I walked out thinking, “I really wish I knew about this while I was struggling with depression.”

    I queried my physician (she is an MD as well–apparently in China, where she was trained, that’s not uncommon–and the pithiest summation I could get her to agree to was that acupuncture encourages the body to heal itself.

    In which case, maybe this was an ability you had all along. Or a gift from God? It’s hard to tell from where we sit. But in any case, I’m glad it was only scratches and dings. 🙂


    • Wow, Cathleen, thanks for the interesting perspective. Yes, I’ve heard that about acupuncture too – it enables us to heal ourselves. And yes, I’ve had other instances of (what should I call it) seeing the past and the future. So yes, I think acupuncture can help open us to what is already available within us. Pretty cool, huh? The experience was definitely worth the car ‘dings,’ and in fact, I’ve not had them repaired. 🙂


  7. Wow, what a story. I love Chinese acupuncture and have gone to a woman who trained in China. It is a therapy that encourages the intelligence in the body to heal itself. It’s different from medical acupuncture.


      • Our brain and our bodies have their own intelligence and know how to heal our bodies. Someday I’ll share something else with you I’m doing. It’s too soon. It goes against the current medical model of “diagnose and treat.” It’s not fiction!

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  8. Pamela, I feel goose-bumps reading this. I’m so glad you are okay but this is really spooky. I thought the dust clouds might be your excess energy escaping…but for you to see an accident in that, blimey! I have had acupuncture and felt distinctly ‘odd’ afterwards but never to the extent where I have ‘foretold’ anything. Please be careful…Are you going back for more acupuncture? Can you get a lift next time? Coming home in a bubble outfit??😀


    • Spooky is how I felt at first, definitely. And then, just as you relate, I felt that the ‘dust’ surrounding me was excess energy (and I still think that was part of it). I think if I hadn’t gotten so freaked out about knowing I was going to have an accident (and then having one), I would have appreciated how ‘open’ my mind felt. And yes, I’m going for more acupuncture. But maybe someone better take me there.. (I like your humor – bubble outfit indeed…) 🙂

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  9. Your foretelling reminded me of this ancient tale:

    A merchant in Baghdad sends his servant to the marketplace for provisions. Shortly, the servant comes home white and trembling and tells him that in the marketplace he was jostled by a woman, whom he recognized as Death, and she made a threatening gesture. Borrowing the merchant’s horse, he flees at top speed to Samarra, a distance of about 75 miles (125 km), where he believes Death will not find him. The merchant then goes to the marketplace and finds Death, and asks why she made the threatening gesture.

    She replies, “That was not a threatening gesture, it was only a start of surprise. I was astonished to see him in Baghdad, for I had an appointment with him tonight in Samarra.”

    Glad you were OK!


    • I wonder that also, My acupuncturist had heard of it, but none of his clients had experienced it before me. I’m glad you’re going back to the practice of acupuncture. I think if we’re open to what may happen, well, then, some really cool connections could occur.


  10. OMG. Glad it wasn’t a serious accident. Although being rear ended can give you whiplash which can show up later as neck pains or headaches. Isn’t it funny how you thought you would cause the accident. We really do have to pay attention to these strong feelings (and clouds of dust!) This could go into a story some day!!


    • The older I get, the more I realize that we should always, always listen to our ‘instincts.’ Right? I had no problems with headaches after the car accident, but it did take a few days for the ‘dust’ to settle down. ;-0


  11. Good grief, Pam – this is amazing (and I’m so glad you’re alright). My son used to have premonitions when he was very young. I remember one day we were getting in the car and he told me not to start it yet (he was two years old). I started the car and he screamed at me “Don’t go yet! wait one minute.” I’m a patient person, so I sat there for a minute and then he said, “Okay – we can go now.” When I pulled out onto the highway I saw smashed cars all over the road in front of me. A truck had slid onto our side of the road and wiped out about 6 cars. Some people were only just starting to climb out of their cars and I said, “good grief! this is carnage!” and my son said, “I knew that.” Now that freaked me out…


  12. Glad you’re okay. I often get that 6th sense and usually listen to it but it sounds crazy to others. I have had amazing visions during acupuncture. I think that is not uncommon.

    I have been rear ended so many times that I think there is a super-magnetic target on my bumper.

    I blame the Law of Attraction!


    • Thank you for sharing the fact that you have these experiences from acupuncture also. As you say, usually we just don’t say anything about it because people look at us weirdly. I hesitated about writing this in a post, but hey, my motto is to write ‘flashes of life,’ and this is a pretty cool flash. Sorry about your rear-ending magnetic problem though. :-0

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  13. I enjoyed the positive experience while having your acupuncture treatment, Pamela. Yet, I felt foreboding with you about your Sixth Sense coming into play. The flecks of dust swirling sounds fascinating and wonderful, tingling as I read this.
    I am sorry very much about your rear end accident. I hope it only shook you up a little, which you seemed so kind to the 22 year old student. Concerned about the other person. . . hope no after effects for your neck or back though. Hugs, Robin


    • Perhaps the rear ending was a kind of wake up call for me as well as for the young man. I didn’t like the feeling of the dust all around me; it made me realize that I must have had a lot of pent up energy that wasn’t being used correctly. So, no real damage was done, just a ‘lesson’ i’m still trying to figure out. 😳


  14. I wish I knew of an acupuncturist in my area that is as good as yours. My theory is that some people who are really smart possess ESP and your “needlest” happened to open up the channel because yours has been blocked for some un-known reason.

    My daughter had ESP even as a child (not all the time) but after her first cervical fusion the ability to see in the future was gone.

    This post is quite interesting.


    • Glad I fired you up. I highly recommend acupuncture if you find the right practitioner (which is true in any profession). The needles are nothing – just close your eyes and you wont’ know they’re there.


    • ‘Being in touch with the universe’ – a perfect way to explain this. No, I think an accident was going to happen. I’m glad it was a small one, and occurred to me (not BY me) !! and that the young man who hit me may have just needed a little reminder to be more careful. Who knows?? :-0

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  16. Oh Pam, you’re such a wonderful story teller, you carry me right along, and I’m there, seeing it, hearing it! Sounds just like you to have someone hit your car, and then feel sorry for them 🙂 Certainly seems like your acupuncture session left you well and truly tuned in – cool! I’ve never tried it, though I wouldn’t be averse to giving it a go…as long as I could plan it so I didn’t have to drive anywhere afterwards! Love and hugs, Harula xxx


    • I was rather taken aback by the entire experience, Harula. But after writing about it here, I got brave enough to try another session (just yesterday). WOW. No matter what anyone says, acupuncture can open our ‘channels’ and bring us amazing energy and insight. I highly recommend it for you, because you are already so open in so many ways.
      P.S. (And no accident this time..) 🙂

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  17. Gosh, not sure what to make of that. Of course if you hadn’t sat for five minutes in the car breathing in and out, trying to dispel it, then you wouldn’t have been right in front of that guy – what do you say about that? Did the dust actually cause you to be in the place of the accident by delaying you to ponder on it, rather than warning you of it? Do I have any clue about any of this stuff? Of course not! Glad you’re ok though 🙂


    • Ah, the questioner. I like all of your ‘what ifs.’ Another question-if I hadn’t sat and breathed in and out for five minutes, would I have been in a worst accident? Do I have any clue about this stuff? Not one. But it sure is fun to wonder about. 😈


  18. You just never know when pathways are opened and cleared and you are receptive. That swirl around you – pay attention next time. Might be really important if this is just a test run to see if you’ll “get it”.
    Glad you are OK ( and maybe that kid will be more careful in the future – this could have saved his life, too?)


  19. Great story. Energy is an amazing topic. As a doctor, I had difficulty with the subject many years ago. Experiencing life over 20 years in practice has made me wiser. I still do not understand it, but I do believe some are more capable of absorbing and using it in their lives.You are obviously a case in point. I certainly hope your future experiences provide a healthier outcome. Glad no one was seriously injured.

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    • So great to get your opinion and thoughts in here about acupuncture. I appreciate the fact that you were a non-believer in the practice, but now, upon experience, have placed your doubt aside through observation. And I think you’re right, as in any medical modality, some procedures work for some and not for others. I recently went back to this acupuncturist for some relief for my frozen shoulder. The shoulder loosened just a touch, but my energy vroomed for days and days. Go figure…?!


  20. Oh wow, I am so glad I finally got over here to read this!! You had us hanging onto every word wondering–is she going to get in an accident? Isn’t she? Is she? Isn’t she?–and then WHAM you got in the accident (but it wasn’t your fault) and it’s all about energy and do you realize how much energy is zinging in this post, my friend? No wonder we’re switcheroos! I wrote a post about energy today, too, tee hee. Here’s what I’m thinkin’: you were in the flow. Come and read sometime and let me know if you think so, too.

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  21. Wow wee! As a believer in both a sixth sense and the benefits of acupuncture I kinda love this post. Although it’s absolutely terrible that you were in a car accident, it’s awesome that you sensed it! I’m always dazy after a good session but never that in tune. High five!

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  22. I am a believer in our own internal subconscious/unconscious and instinct. If it’s acupuncture or meditation or yoga or whatever, it is definitely healthy to tune in to ourselves. Thank you for the inspiring story with the good ending.

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