What Fills You Up?

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, sunrise

From a San Francisco sunrise to a Kauai sunset

I embrace the warmth of the rays and the

Laughter of the waves and of friends who know how to

Lighten my load with a word, some chocolate and

Smiles that brighten like a grandkid’s kiss, as sweet as a

Melted chocolate chip cookie, as strong as my guy’s hugs, deep

Enough to help me read, write, meditate on the truth of

Universal connectedness through beauty, grace and hope

Partly, but mostly a search for the greatest of these: LOVE.

sunrise, sunset, Kauai

What Fills YOU Up?

Photos by Pamela S. Wight


89 thoughts on “What Fills You Up?

  1. Oh Pam, this is gorgeous 🙂 What a beautiful collection of ‘fill me up’ things. Me? Singing, walks in the woods with friends, cooking meals and watching people enjoy them, writing poetry that feels like I’m not writing it, the kindness and generosity and inspiration of my wild and wonderful family. Oh my – I’m so FULL!!! Huge hugs, Harula xxx

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  2. Pam, this is lovely and made me smile this morning. Funny many of your ‘fill me up’ moments are very similar – walk along the beach, watching a good film with the family drinking a glass of wine with a box of chocolates tucked between us, reading a good book on my swing seat in the sun, morning snuggles, a smile and hug from my son, sharing stories with my mother, meeting friends, music…I best stop. Just a beautiful start to the day. Hugs

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  4. Well done, Pamela. This is an evocative offering that allows me to travel well into the past and up to just a few short moments ago to appreciate that which is all around us. Colorful words in a way that has absolutely nothing to do with hues or saturation. Thanks for sharing, and have a wonderful weekend!


  5. The phrase ‘fills you up’ always makes me think of my grandfather, who dearly loved us. Frequently when he was feeling grateful for the presence of visiting family he would say, “My cup runneth over.” Some of the things that fill me up would be: walking in the woods or by the sea, discovering new things about my ancestors, playing with my children and grandchildren, chewing my husband’s ear off, listening to music, reading books, taking pictures, bird watching… I love your poem.


    • What a wise grandfather you had Barbara. I love his expression ‘my cup runneth over’ and I may borrow it from time to time. Now go continue to chew your husband’s ear off. A fun expression. 👂


  6. Beautiful imagery, Pamela. I love this poem.

    What fills me is animals, the forest and the loving touch of another.

    Love trumps all!


  7. This is great and I love your fill me ups.
    Being at my cabin in the woods with my man fills me up, a slow yoga class, a conversation with my friend in Germany , cooking , baking, a hug, a smile and reading . Thanks for this great post . I am going to think about what else fills me up. Have s great weekend.


  8. WOW. Drew me into that on Pamela! tender touching terrific poetic gift for Friday (and longer, letting it linger). The clouds and sunsets from St. Martin were mesmerizing and trimmed with colorful splashes — amazing what clouds can do for the spirit.


  9. That´s so beautiful… I like that the first letters, vertically displayed complete the sentence `fills me up´…
    I liked ILU … Which kind of might apply to I Love U, right?…. ❤
    Have an excellent weekend ahead… Aquileana 😀


  10. This is a beautiful and inspiring post. What fills me up? Hugs and smiles from my children and grandchildren, a day with hubby, the love and friendship of my daughters-in-law, a sunny day, a walk on the beach, wading in the ocean, reading a good book, connecting with friends no matter whether in person or online, the sounds of children laughing, working in my flower garden, and the list goes on.


  11. Your list is wonderful, Pamela. I tend to like any kind of nature, special people, laughter across a room, babies, grandies and friends. I still yearn for a partner who “gets me!”


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  13. What fills me up? Colors that nature provides (and you captured) and words that inspire (such as yours). Oh, and knowing I have some awesome souls who love me no matter what (and that I love them no matter what). Life is good.

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  14. My family and friends go a long way towards filling me up (our dogs included as family). I love writing , photography and getting out into nature. I also have a sweet tooth! Love chocolate! xx Rowena


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