Mind Reader

reading my mind, Ophrah WinfreyOprah peers at me skeptically as I walk onto her new set. I hear the claps and cheers, even a whistle or two, making me glad I selected the short black skirt and cashmere soft pink sweater. Flattering, Danny told me, and he would know. He was my hairstylist before he became a fashion designer, and he always tells me what’s the best length for my hair, and my hemline.

But I digress. I silently thank Danny for his fashion tips and sashay up to the re-emerged talk show queen, who is looking glamorous and slim in black and purple today. We shake hands, but I can tell she’s a little worried about this interview.Oprah Winfrey

“So, Pamela, here you are. Bestseller hitting a million copies sold, popular speaker on the college circuit as well as political events and women’s lunches.”

The audience chuckles. So do I. I just wait for Oprah to get brave enough to ask me.

“Well, everyone in America knows what you claim to be able to do. You’ve written a book teaching others how they can do this too. But first, we need a demonstration.”

Oprah’s beautiful chocolate face turns beet red, and I smile encouragingly at her.

“Pamela, what am I thinking?”

I stare into Oprah’s eyes, read her mind, and then turn toward the now quiet audience.

“Oprah, you’re hoping I’m a quack.”

Peels of laughter, even from my host, which is quite satisfying. I adjust the black knit skirt over my knees and continue.

“You approve of my appearance but think the skirt is a bit short for television. Overall, you believe I’m not bad looking for a 55-year-old.”uncomfortable bra, Oprah, mind reading

More laughter, but I talk over it. “You’re tired and want to race for a massage when this show is over. You wonder who booked me in the first place and couldn’t they have come up with something better, because really NO one can read minds. You want fried chicken for dinner tonight, but know that instead you’ll eat the skinned boneless Cordon bleu that your chef already prepared. You wish I’d shut up, and you hate the way that your bra is too tight and the clasps are pinching you in the back.”

I stop. Oprah studies me, afraid I’ll continue, but I give her a soft conspiratorial glance that lets her know the rest of her secrets are safe.

She stands, motions for me to stand also, and then walks into my arms, hugging me hard.

“Wow,” she says, first to me, and then to the audience. “Wow. We have the genuine article here, ladies and gentlemen.”

Oprah waits for the whispered chatter to end before she signs off with some advice: “Steer clear from her!”

massage, mind readingShe hurries off the stage before I do, presumably for that massage.


94 thoughts on “Mind Reader

  1. That was such fun 🙂 She’s quite something isn’t she. I would LOVE to meet her. I’m intrigued, I mean it’s fun and games here, but I have a feeling you ARE very good at tuning in to people, especially those you know and love. I mean, not mind reading as such…but intuiting, sensing, responding in a way that meets the needs, serves the moment you’re present in? Have a wonderful weekend, oh wise and talented friend…and thanks for the smiles, and the big dream invitation you offer with this example 🙂 Hugs, Harula xxxx

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    • You know me so well, even though we’ve never met “in person.” This piece of “fiction” came to me after a particular incident that confirmed to me that mind (emotion) reading is easily available to each of us. 🙏💚

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  2. That was fun. I wasn’t sure where you were going with it. I thought she was going to interview the world famous romantic thriller writer whose books are zooming off the charts!!! Mind-reading is second best 🙂


  3. I really enjoyed this! And for the first couple of sentences, even believed you were telling something that had actually happened to you (thinking, “Darn, I didn’t know she was famous enough to be interviewed by Oprah!”) But it was clever and rang true, and I do agree that if we try, we can often tell what other people are feeling, if not actually thinking.

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  4. How fun!!! This is the writing version of creating a vision board, I think. You’re putting it out into the universe so that hopefully it (or some version of it) will happen. Since Oprah isn’t doing her talk show anymore, it would have to be some other version, I’m assuming!

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    • A vision board – in writing. Aha. I like the sound of that. And part of the vision board include the fact that Oprah will come back (my guess is sooner rather than later) with another talk show. Don’t be surprised. I surmised this in my mind… 🙂


  5. Pam, I’m sure we’ll all get to see Danny’s “creation” when “Oprah – The Lost Tapes” debuts on TMZ.com in another few months or so…when they figure out where she stashed your segment. Great we got to read the transcript now however. Well done!

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  6. I am always amused at the twists and turns and crannies of the thoughts that come through your mind. Oprah interviewing you! And you reading her mind. What will come next? I know–an interview with Donald Trump! That’s next week’s blog, right? *grin*

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  7. Pam, this has me in a fit of giggles…isn’t it lovely to drift into the world of dreams and who knows, one day perhaps! If so I hope your ESP is just as successful and accurate as here – that would be funny!

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  8. Sometimes I wish I could read minds, then I KNOW that it would be such a BAD idea if I could read minds.. .or worse! if someone could read mine!! AH! Nope! That would definitely be bad! Great story! When I started reading, I was wondering when you were on there! And how in the world did I miss THAT??? LOL! 😉

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    • One of these days I’ll be interviewed on TV….unless Oprah reads this post. Then she may decide to never bring me on her new show. 🙂 I can read minds but I try not to – rather disturbing. I promise to not read yours, if ever we two meet in person. xo


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