Put it over here, no

Under the bed and then

Toss the pillows and shake the

Towels, wipe the counters

Even the wall where a fingerprint

Right near the doorknob needs a scrub

I see a smudge on the window and

Nodding my head wipe it down while

Grinning at my ability to get nothing else done.

My poetic response to Peter Drucker’s quote that: “There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all.”

summertime, beach, puttering

I’m off to DO NOTHING at a place that consists of sand and sun and walking and biking and doing, hopefully, absolutely nothing at all. I’ll be back in two weeks.
Happy Puttering to You.

54 thoughts on “PUTTERING

  1. Hahaha, great response! Growing up, my parents were always puttering. It was such a common word in our household! Have a wonderful time, wherever it is!!!

  2. I always click the LIKE button even before I read your posts because you never disappoint.

    Never do I miss a chance to wipe the counters, very calming.
    Keep calm and putter on, I say!

  3. This puttering sounds exactly like my morning. I was feeling pretty good about it until I read Drucker’s quote :/
    What did he know anyway? 😉

    Happy, happy vacation and enjoy your time perfecting the art of nothing ❤

  4. Pam, wishing you lots of fun doing nothing!! It’s amazing how quick time flies whilst engaged in this activity – sand, sun, walking and biking sounds just perfect! Hugs xx😀❤️

    • For some reason, my writing brain responds to the challenge of making a story using up the letters to a word. I can’t do puzzles, but I love acrostics – go figure! In fact, I’m ‘puttering’ away at an acrostic right now. ;-0

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