Introducing Pamela S. Wight, author of Birds of Paradise – Readilearn


In the author spotlight this month is Pamela S. Wight, a fellow blogger, writer, and teacher of creative writing. I enjoy the stories of life Pamela shares on her blog Rough Wighting, and also enjo…

Source: readilearn: Introducing Pamela S. Wight, author of Birds of Paradise – Readilearn

55 thoughts on “Introducing Pamela S. Wight, author of Birds of Paradise – Readilearn

  1. What a great interview, Pam, and I loved seeing some of Shelley’s illustrations. So, you became a writer at age 3! Ha ha. I could just picture the scene you described. It’s wonderful to see this dream come true for you after so many years. Are there more children’s books in your future?

    • Oh, you are sooooo kind, Diana. Right, if I started writing Birds of Paradise 35 years ago, I must have been a prodigy child. 🙂
      My illustrator Shelley is willing and ready to bring my new characters to illustrated life, I believe. I just need to see who/what creatures appear into my writing head. Have you read your book to Tornado Boy yet? (Silly questions, I’m sure you have!)

  2. What a wonderful interview! I wasn’t surprised to find myself smiling in resonance with much of what you said; like asking your creative writing students not to think too much, but rather feel, and how you never run out of ideas. Hopefully, I can grow up to be like you 😉 A full time multi-genre writer who teaches her art as well as practicing it. You’re an inspiration my friend! Hugs, Harula xxx

    • I applaud you for reading that long interview. I (obviously) couldn’t edit myself. So much to shout out about creativity, writing, seeing the joy in the eyes of my students when they discover their own writing magic. And tooting my own horn, too, I admit, shame-faced. :-0 Many many thanks for being a blogging buddy.

  3. I left a comment over on the interview, but I’m not sure it went through, so I’ll repost it here. Wonderful interview. Fun to learn more about you. It’s great you get so much writing done early in the morning. Must make for such a sense of accomplishment the rest of the day.

    • You are the best, Carrie. Your comment came through on both sites. Yes, for me, I find that I’m totally energized first thing in the morning. By 9:00, when many people are just getting to work, I’ve gotten in 3 hours of writing/editing/preparing for classes, etc. After exercise breaks etc, I come back in the early afternoon to read bloggers’ posts and learn. If I don’t get 500-1,000 words in for the next novel I’m writing, I feel rather let down by the end of the day. Do you go through that also?

    • Thanks for clicking on two different links to get to the interview, Sue. My mistake. I’m technologically deficient, and didn’t quite do the “Press This” the right way. Sigh. I so appreciate everyone’s patience with me, and for the supportive comments! ❤

  4. A lovely review of Birds of Paradise which was interesting and inspiring. Birds of Paradise is an excellent book, liked by children as well as adults.

    Someday you must finish those half finished novels. Don’t wait too long though and get busy. You have WordPress readers who are waiting to read another good book.

    • Haha. Don’t I know it. Time is ticking. Wish I could write a book in three months. Even six months would be glorious. I don’t write as fast as I read. So many ideas, so little time. 🙂 Many thanks for your wonderful support. xo

  5. I loved this interview, Pam, and it was wonderful to learn more about you. This book is beautiful and looks very special. I’ll be checking this out for me and for my grandsons. I love what you said about never running out of ideas. Your attitude of abundance is refreshing in a world where fear of scarcity abounds. I credit my ability to write to all the many books I’ve read, so I totally agree that if you want to write you need to read, read, read, read! I’m also thrilled to know your are a New Englander! I’d love to meet you some day.

    • I’d love to meet! I’m close to Boston – are you in Maine? We could probably talk hours and hours about the books we’re reading….and writing!
      Yes, my grandkids love reading Birds of Paradise – ages 4 to 9 – so they all get something different out of Bert and Bessie. The neatest thing is how my 7-year-old grandson puffs out his chest when he tells his friends that his Madre is an “AUTOR.” 🙂

  6. Pam, this is a wonderful interview and I felt as if we were sitting down for a chat. 😀 The questions are exactly what I would have asked – the sign of an experienced interviewer! Wow! You knew you wanted to write at three – that is amazing!😀 I love your four rules to being a writer – reading x 4! So true…one is constantly learning, absorbing and most of all having fun!! Bessie and Bertie look delightful and fly straight into my heart. How wonderful they came to you and almost a surreal experience when a story comes along without any effort…just waiting to be written down. The illustrations are beautiful, perceptive and delicate…the perfect combination. Lovely to learn more about you and your passion for writing and reading. Happy Weekend! ❤️🌻

    • Hi Annika. Thanks for strolling through TWO links to find my interview (I used Press This in a rather backwards manner – still learning). ;-0 Yes, I agree. Norah is an experienced interviewer. She gave me great questions that let me ‘loose’ to talk about my passion. And she’s so kind and generous. To spotlight me like this – it means the world to me. And to Shelley. Like me, Shelley prefers to be in her drawing room, surrounded by her animals (imaginary in her paintings, and real in the woods surrounding her house). She’s always shocked to hear/read about praise and excitement regarding her work. I’m so fortunate she was inspired by Bert and Bessie and wanted to be their illustrator. ❤

    • Thank you for reading the whole darn long interview. Norah asked me such great questions, I couldn’t stop!
      My imagination definitely began to run wild even before I could talk, and it hasn’t stopped yet. 🙂

  7. Congratulations on your delightful-sounding book, Pam! What a wonderful and insightful interview and testimony to your book, as well. I loved reading how you began as a writer, and also what you’ve accomplished. I look forward to reading your book (books).
    ~Lauren 💜

  8. Wonderful interview and many congratulations, Pam! 🙂 I love the illustrations Shelley Steinle has provided you with and that she insisted on drawing without computer enhancements which is also what I prefer. There´s nothing better than to put that pencil and brush to real paper, let it soak up the ink and color and change from a blank page to a story in pictures. 😀

    • Exactly! Perhaps, for writers, it’s like preferring to write our stories with pen on paper, instead of fingers on keyboard. Many thanks for reading this interview – great questions from Norah.

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