Mind Stretcher

psychic, mind readerSome of my friends think that I’m psychic.

Of course, that’s ridiculous.

I can’t see into the future.

But I do think of myself as a mind bender, or perhaps a better term is mind stretcher.

We all are.

I just believe in our spirit-given gift more than others.

And that is exactly why I decided to use that gift flying 3,000 miles over the land last week.

I was returning from a college-girls’ weekend in the hills of Georgia. After three days of giggles, guffaws, and gut-sharing, my mind was stretched to the max.

Which is why I was successful on Sunday morning flying back home through bumpy clouds and wind-driven air.fundraising, breast cancer research

Fifteen minutes before reaching our destination, with the fasten seat belt sign flashing (thus a captive audience), the flight attendant got on the flight mike and began to fundraise.

I dislike listening to speeches rallying people to loosen their wallets when I’m in a theater or at an open air event.

I hate it when I’m on a bouncing plane.

But the attendant convinced us that we could all raise money for breast cancer research in an easy and fun way. She passed around a large plastic bag. Passengers who wanted to “play” put in as many bills as they wanted (1’s, 5’s, 10’s, 20s, etc.). On each bill, we wrote our seat number with the supplied pencil.

breast cancer, fundraisingThe attendant explained that once she collected the money, she and her cohorts would shake the bag and pick out one of the bills. The passenger who sat in the seat number picked would receive an American Express platinum card worth between $250 to $500.

Most of the passengers agreed it was a win/win situation, so the plastic bag was filled with bills by the time the attendant walked back to the front of the plane. As another attendant shook the bag, I began to stretch my mind.

“10  10  10  10  10  10   10  10  10   10  10  10   10  10  10   10  10  10,” I kept repeating to myself.

My seatmate, a handsome young man in his 30s, smiled, sighing, “Boy I could use that money.” I noticed that he had placed a 20-dollar bill in that plastic bag. 

“10  10  10  10  10  10   10  10  10   10  10  10   10  10  10   10  10  10,” I repeated again.

Because I sat in seat 10, and I could really use that money too.

“10  10  10  10  10  10   10  10  10   10  10  10   10  10  10   10  10  10.”

A third flight attendant reached in the bag and pulled out a bill, squinting to read the penciled-in seat number.

My silent mantra continued: “10  10  10  10  10  10   10  10  10   10  10  10   10  10  10   10  10  10.”

The first attendant held the bill and talked into the flight mike. “10!” she announced with a cheerful boom.

My heart lurched in joy.

 “A,” she continued. “10A.”

My seatmate surprised me with a quick hug. “That’s me!” he chortled.


I sat in 10 B.

He sat in 10 A.

I gave the guy a high five and reminded myself that if I wanted to stretch my mind, I needed to be more definitive about it.

Or, my seatmate really needed that money more than I did.

134 thoughts on “Mind Stretcher

  1. This one had me laughing! A good start to my morning. Yes, we do need to be more specific when sending things out to the universe. Then there is the “be careful what you wish for” situation. Been there too. I am sure the young man will use his winnings wisely. ❤

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    • I actually explained to my seatmate how I’d ‘won’ the drawing for him. The cool thing is that he believed me, and was very thankful. (But still, I’m going to be much more specific from now on when I stretch my mind…)


  2. I was sure you were going to say that while waiting for the reveal, your seatmate told you why he needed the money and it moved you, and then you won … and gave him the money. It would have seemed a very “you” thing to do, as I imagine.

    The important thing is that money was raised for an important cause. Like you said, everyone wins.


  3. We get a lot of this version collection on even short haul flights.
    It amazes me that by giving a chance to win there is more willingness to give.? Psychology .
    Main thing is that the funds went to a worth while cause.

    Pam, I am sure your neighbouring traveller desperately needed the money.😊


  4. “I just believe in our spirit given gift more than others.” I love that line, Pam and it is clear that you do believe this. But you were out-believed by 10B on this flight. LOL. You had me sitting on the edge of my airplane seat with this story. Thank you for the reminder to be very specific when asking for what I want!


  5. The best writing advice I ever got was “Be Specific.” I think in your case you needed to be more specific about where that money should end up. So close, but no cigar… as they say. Great story.


    • Well, Jill, after his win my seatmate admitted that his big plan was to take his partner out for dinner with the winnings. Maybe he needed a romantic night out more than me? Ummm, wellll, my guy did have a great meal waiting for me when I got home, so maybe the universe knew, after all…. 🙂

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  6. I haven’t been on a plane in a while, but I’ve never heard of fundraising on one either. (I hope the money went to an organization that really does work on breast cancer research and not “breast cancer awareness” like Komen. I’m not a fan of the whole Pink October thing. Getting off soap box now. 😉

    Your post made me laugh. I guess you do have to be specific!


  7. What a fun way to start the day. Got me to thinking again about yesterday. During the day at the conference they would have drawings. As each number was being pulled I was saying my own number, just like your lady was. I was feeling extremely confident. I’ve had that feeling before and sometimes I did win. Yesterday was not my day though. Bummer. So it was quite amusing to read this today. Thanks for the laugh.
    Happy Weekend.

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    • Thanks for laughing along with me, Cheryl. Yes I used to have to go to drawings at work luncheon events. I did mind stretching then also. One time I won’t huge gorgeous hanging plant. My boss thought I had cheated because before the drawing, I stated that I would win it. I never could convince him of my mind stretching abilities! 🙄


  8. Too funny – it sounds like a win – win to me. He got the money and you got a fantastic post out of the experience. I tried this mind thing once and you are right, you need to be very specific. I get sending the message about wanting a house by a lake out into the universe. And then my son and daughter in law bought it!

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  9. Such a weird thing to happen on a plane.
    I always chant numbers like this silently to myself. I love the idea that the power of positive thinking/energy can work, but sometimes, I guess someone else is concentrating on the outcome a little more strongly than I am.

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  10. Reminds me of an experience I had after reading one of those books about visualizing what you want so the Universe knows exactly what to give you. I printed a fake pink cheque, made it out to myself for $1 million, put it up in my office and looked at it everyday. Sure enough–less than a month later, Readers Digest sent me a fake pink cheque for $1million dollars in one of their sweepstakes packages. The problem with the Universe is it’s very literal.


    • Bumpkus, but I did get a new friend. ( we’ve messaged each other on Facebook several times since and he is just such a neat person). But I also got a reminder, a nudge, from the Universe to try again only use ALL of my words… 🤓

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  11. Lol…but for a brief moment you were euphoric…:) That’s a pretty cool way to do a fundraiser on a plane and for a very good cause. At least you had sort of a connection with the winner…:)
    Fun story !

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    • I wondered if you’ve experienced airline fundraising, knowing about all of your trips Gerlinde. This was the first time for me. I’m thinking of it like a ‘practice run.’ Next time, I’ll stretch more. 🙂


  12. Ha ha ha. When I was a lot younger and using affirmations to manifest the life I wanted, I remember the advice to be specific! What a great cause and good for your seatmate. Who knows… perhaps you contributed something incredibly important to his life. All things to feel great about. ❤

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  13. At first I thought you were going to tell us how you used your mind to calm yourself while flying ‘through bumpy clouds and wind-driven air.” Imagine my surprise! You’re well on your way to clairvoyance, Pam 🙂 I think that young man would agree, and he certainly won’t forget you ❤

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  14. LOL! You’ll be more specific next time, I’m sure! What a clever fundraising game, and I hope everyone took at least some enjoyment in it, even if they couldn’t participate. I’ve never been asked for anything at all in flight! I do cringe a little when we’re at the theater and the cast comes out to fundraise.

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    • Yes, I was immensely surprised when the fundraising announcement came on. Usually, that’s not the time or place to me. But everyone on the plane did seem to enjoy the ‘game.’ I think it kept our minds off the extreme bouncing on a very windy day. ;-0

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  15. A good story! Maybe it was better you didn’t specify the seat. That gave “the universe” or whoever was making the choice the chance to decide. And, as you said, your seatmate may have needed it in one way or another. A nice memory.

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  16. Pam, I always look forward to reading your posts…this one has me smiling! So so close and at least one happy guy on the plane! Yep, the universe seems to call for something more definitive! I do like the take of this money-raising scheme which is a pleasant change on the scratch cards we’re always encouraged to buy – just as you close your eyes for a few minutes! Happy Weekend! 😀❤️

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    • Haha. Yes, scratch cards or tax forms or any interruption are very annoying for those folks who like to sleep on the plane. I’m always envious, because no way/no how can I ever relax enough to doze off while flying. But I’ll be practicing my mind stretch specifics while flying next time, you can be sure of that!

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    • What I liked about this airplane “game“ is that all the passengers started talking to each other, when before they just stared at silently ahead or in their books and laptops. Totally a win-win for everyone. ❤️


  17. Hahaha….. too funny. Well you came pretty damn close. Good idea for a way to raise money. People will always give something if they perceive they will win something more. The winner maybe influenced karma by giving a hefty $20 donation that way swaying the puppeteers above in his favor… 🙂

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  18. Well done, Pam. Before you even started the tale, you gave me a soundtrack… although it would not have been your intention. The old song “Mind Bender” is still in my head (but that’s okay) “My daddy was a Gibson, my momma was a Fender… that’s why they call me Mind Bender…” 😀 Hugs!

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  19. Oh so loved this Pamela, haha. and yes you obviously need to get more specific next time haha.. But I feel it went to the right guy.. He set his intention and you gave it a boost.. Now that is stretching in Team work.. 🙂
    A worthy cause… 🙂 And Happy Landings..
    ❤ Hugs

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  20. This one had me wondering since I had my recent flying experience. I actually did say to myself, which seat letter, Pam?!! I wish you had won it, since I know you but it may be better for your “karma,” my dear! 💞 🕊

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