Doughnut Karma

doughnuts, blogging, “I’m telling you, these are the best doughnuts in town,” my Florida friend claims.

“You know I don’t like doughnuts,” I whine. We haven’t seen each other in several years. Once roomies in college, now decades later Sue lives in FL and I live a thousand miles away. Finally, I find a break from work to visit her for three days. And she wants me to drive with her to a new doughnut shop.

The day is stormy and cool, not what I expect from a Florida winter break. Sue drives slowly and rather erratically in her SUV. 

“Um, are driving rules different here?” I ask, putting my foot on the imaginary break as she pulls a hard right into a parking lot.

“Absolutely!” Sue shouts. The rain is pounding the roof of her car. “No one drives civilly out here – and those are the good drivers. Most of the others are older than 80 and can’t see above their steering wheels.”

I smile at Sue’s hyperbole, something she was known for in college. But just as she’s about to swing her car into a parking space, a low, black sports car shoots in front of Sue’s SUV and takes her spot.

Sue spits out words that I never learned, even in college.

“Calm down,” I suggest as I point to a parking spot 10 cars down. “Karma will take care of it.”parking karma

“But we’ll get soaked,” Sue complains, thunder and lightning emphasizing her words.

As we run toward the shop we notice Mr. Cocky Hot Rod climb out of his low-slung seat. Sue opens her mouth to shout some vulgarity but I place my hand over it. At the same time we stop short, staring at a large white Cadillac with seemingly no passenger roar into the parking lot and turn directly into the space occupied by the black sports car.

The crash is louder than thunder.

Hot Rod Man bellows. His car appears totaled. A little old lady struggles out of her driver’s seat, looking bewildered.

“See?” I smirk to Sue. “Karma.”

doughnuts, friendship, parking karmaThen the two of us run into the store and order a half dozen just-out-of-the-oven doughnuts.

My roomie is right. Best doughnuts I’ve ever tasted. 


Short two-week blogging break ahead, in which I hope to burn off those doughnut calories!

152 thoughts on “Doughnut Karma

  1. Karma, yes, but I wouldn’t really wish it upon anyone. But the doughnuts – they sound delicious. Do they bake them in an oven now? I’ve only ever seen them fried. Enjoy your break. I’ll see you when you get back. 🙂

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      • Who’s got time to ask when there’s doughnuts ready to be eaten? 🙂
        I used to enjoy watching the doughnuts being made at a local shop, years ago. The dough would be mixed in a big bowl/machine that plopped out rings of dough into a vat of hot (I want to say ‘fat’ but more correctly) oil, which they would travel through on a conveyor belt and out the other side where they’d travel down another conveyor belt as if on a slide and into a big box where they could be sorted to be sugared, iced, or kept plain. The best part was enjoying them warm, dusted with cinnamon and sugar. I don’t see many places serving hot doughnuts any more. Maybe I’ve stopped looking?

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    • I certainly love an English Afternoon Tea (much more than I like doughnuts). Just saw a scene from the Netflix series THE CROWN, and Queen Elizabeth was savoring her scone with jam. My mouth was watering. I wonder how an Indian afternoon tea is different…

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  2. You made me laugh this morning, Pam. And now I’m hungry for a donut. I’ve gone south for a couple of days – I’m in Portland. Staying in a hotel that is a block away from my favorite donut shop – Holy Donut. I’ll be walking in below zero wind chill temps to get my bacon glazed donut to avoid any crashes! Have a lovely time off.

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    • Hey Carrie. I just mentioned you up above in Marian’s comment box (we were talking about oatmeal for breakfast – you inspired me from a tweet a couple of weeks ago…). Anyway, yes, it’s true. My taste buds like doughnuts, but my stomach does not. So I only eat one when a friend insists. And really, oatmeal is much more satisfying!


  3. Ha. What a crazy coincidence. I’ll have to remember that the next time I’m about to shoot my mouth off. 😉 I lived in Florida for way too long. So glad to be back home. Have a great weekend.

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  4. What a great laugh this morning! Beautifully written. I almost got run over many years ago by a little old lady in a car who could barely see over the dash. Fortunately I was watching her and she didn’t stop at a sign, and I jumped out of the way.

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  5. Pam, only you can weave doughnuts and karma together into a great tale with a satisfying twist at the end! 😀 For your posts I will sit down in happy anticipation, often grabbing a little something to nibble and then read away, trying not to rush, letting my smile grow throughout. Great one! Have a relaxing and happy well-earned rest…xxxx

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  6. I wish ‘karma’ could strike as fast as it does in your story Pam…it is said to take years and sometimes ages!! I love your friend…hope she keeps you humoured and more such stories would spill out! Have a sweet break 🙂

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  7. Karma is a b***ch! You best not piss her off. Assuming no one was really hurt, I would have laughed my butt off at the situation! So often we do not get to see when people get their just desserts.
    Doughnuts rule, but none for me lately since I have been swearing off sugar, carbs and wine. But when I reach my goal, I will be able to indulge once again! 😉

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  8. Pam, this is hilarious all the way through. travelling 1000 miles for some doughnuts, they must be super special. Or is it the mad driver friend that is super special. Karma is a thing to beware of obviously…😊.

    You have a wonderful break in Florida with rain and all. Isn’t it the sunshine state? Oh well, it might have forgotten. You won’t notice when you laugh. ❤️

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  9. This little story made my day. It sounds as if you and your friend almost had a bang up time at the doughnut shop but alas karma knocked on ya’lls door in a good way. I bet that was quite funny to witness. I’m sure your Florida trip was so much fun.

    Gee I would love to be able to eat a doughnut again but alas, gluten and sugar and fried foods do not mix with a body that can not tolerate any of those ingredients. But once upon a time I did indulge and I loved “me some doughnuts” as they say.

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    • I think a lot of readers stopped by here just because they saw a picture of a doughnut. Perhaps I should begin all of my blog posts with a doughnut photo. 🙂 May Karma always be kind to you. ❤


  10. OH my gosh, this is hilarious! I will be laughing about this all day. I love it when someone gets their just desserts. I assume no one was hurt, except for the sports car driver’s ego and wallet. Have fun with your friend.

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    • I LOVE the term “cosmic retribution”! Thanks for sharing that. I agree, it’s rare that Karma comes out kicking and screaming so quickly, but in this case, Karma’s quick response was as wonderful as a cream-filled doughnut.


  11. I love donuts, Pam! My favorite one is a vanilla coconut, sour cream glazed and maple anything!
    I was hoping hot rod guy would get some kind of payback. . . Little old lady named Karma (😉) in a white Cadillac is excellent ending!!
    Have a great break, Pam!
    I went back to write a comment on Diana’s post. It may have been around one of the times I was driving up on weekends to see my brother, Randy. . . 💞

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    • I have never had (nor heard of) a vanilla coconut doughnut, and I think that’s good thing. Because wow does that sound delicious!!! I’d want one every morning!
      You know, I hadn’t thought of it, but you’re right, Karma showed up AS the white-haired lady. Smack of hand on forehead. xo


  12. Wow, that Karma was faster that my Mum drives! Fun story to start the day – thank you! That’s come friendship, that you travel 1000 miles for 🙂 Glad you enjoyed the doughnuts, and many blessings on your blogging break. Might give me a chance to catch up a bit – I’ve been a terribly absent reader recently! Love and hugs, Harula xxx

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    • I’m still on blogging break but having a difficult time staying away. So many great stories and poems out there! And humor, like saying Karma was faster than your Mum drives. 🙂 Before my mom got sick and unable to drive, she was a speedster too. In fact, she always yelled at me because I was driving the speed limit, which was, in her words, “WAY TOO SLOW. ” :-0


  13. WE have the best doughnut shop in town. 😉 But I only like the plain doughnuts, or sugared apple cider, or pumpkin. The other kinds are so heavy and sweet they taste like dessert, not a breakfast treat. Enjoy your blogging break!

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    • Oh, you mean we’re not supposed to have dessert, at breakfast time?? What’s the fun in THAT? 🙂
      Actually, seriously, I have become a big oatmeal fan in the morning. I have a feeling that’s much healthier too. xo


  14. That was quite an adventure with your friend. Karma did come around very quickly. Very lucky that you and your friend Sue were unharmed and walked away with a box of doughnuts as a treat 🙂

    I love doughnuts. Once I went through a phrase of getting one at least two or three times a week before work. It was a fancy doughnut I would bring into the office, and my colleagues would always look over at my desk and doughnuts in amusement 🙂

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