As I Set My Broom Aside

Halloween poem, children's witch, HalloweenDark is night, night is just right

As I set my broom aside

with a thought so candle bright

My glowing eyes I can’t hide.

On the date of this fall month

I’m allowed to be my self

even eating my best lunch –

can of worm warts on the shelf.

But maybe I’ll surprise them

My witch cousins and witch friend

I’ll knock on doors because I can

Pretend to be a small human.

I’ll forget my nightly haunts

For this one special fun time

Neglect my night’s sky-filled jaunts

Instead listen for door chimes.

I’ll dress up like a robot

Or maybe a movie star

Collect yummy candy – lots

Walking sidewalks near and far.

Tonight I am not a witch

I switch roles and use my feet

hoping for no surprise glitch

as trick or treaters I meet.

I hide my twelve toes with shoes

Third eye is under a hat

My high shrill voice yells Boo BOO

Kids scream and so does a cat.

My bun of black hair escapes

And my pointy ears pop out

WITCH! someone yells with fear, hate

Suddenly I’m full of doubt

Guess I can’t be who I’m not

Not tied to the ground like them

I laugh and sprint past the tot

Glad I can fly like a wren.

 “Boomer!” I yell and she flies

To my hands, my pal, my broom

I screech and scream out “good bye!”

As we fly toward the full moon.


83 thoughts on “As I Set My Broom Aside

  1. Pam, this is great … if I wasn’t afraid of going out at Halloween before I am now! 😀😀 Who knows what characters roam will with us humans! Lovely pace, rhythm and breathless ending … Happy Halloween, my friend! Hugs ❤️

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    • There you go, a perfect song theme for witches, for you, for me, for all. Happy Halloween, Billy Ray! (PS, I just spent four days with four of my best Lyco college buddies – lots of witching around on giggle gas and high-flyin’ memories). xo

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  2. This was a lovely poem. I loved it. By the way, what’s your favorite horror movie? I mean I’m not sure if you do like horror films, but in general, which movie gave you nightmares? My favorite Hollywood horror movies are The Omen (1976) and The Shining (1980).

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  3. Ah ha. So, it is that time of year again. Better stock up on candy. Love your poem- so clever. And your new header- well I love it. Seeing all the varied shapes and colors of the Fall gourds is one of my favorite things. I always wish I could purchase them all.

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  4. Such a fun post-Pam…and being from Salem, I know a good Witch when I see one. Have fun this Halloween…your broom will be waiting for you on November 1st…

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