The Bodyguard

steampunk, science fiction, blog story

Pixabay image by Brigitte Werner

“You’ve got to do it. Let me find one for you,” Savannah suggested.

Eve rolled her eyes. “I’ve already interviewed five potential bodyguards. They were all Neanderthals.”

Eve stood, all five feet of her in her billowy blue caftan, and faced her agent. She knew Savannah thought her eccentric; but hell, that’s what authors were supposed to be.

Savannah laughed and replied, “Eve, darling, that’s the point. You need someone around you who’s hairy and scary and fends off any crazies who harangue you.”

“Savannah. Darling.” Eve paused for dramatic effect. “I’ve written one novel in my 78 years. My fictional account of half-human aliens vising our planet surprisingly became a virulent success, and I suddenly have a fandom of millions. Still, only one wacko tried to tackle me at my last reading. I don’t need a bodyguard. I need someone else’s novel to come along and take my book off the #1 bestseller list. In a matter of weeks, I’ll be a forgotten has-been.”

Savannah looked distressed. Eve knew her agent had her best interests at heart, but she’d be damned if she had some lumbering jackass following her everywhere she went.iris, spring flowers, science fiction, garden

Eve strolled over to the large picture window that faced the well-manicured garden, flowering now with peonies and pansies, iris and asters. A muscled man pulled the  heavy, old-fashioned lawn mower that she insisted her landscaper use. She didn’t like the noise of the gas-powered ones.

But this chestnut-skinned man, bronzed from the sun with muscles that rippled while he worked, caught the author’s attention.

The gardener stopped mowing, bent down, and pushed his arm toward a nearby rhododendron bush. Eve’s mouth dropped open. A furry gray baby squirrel crawled slowly toward the man’s arm, which gleamed like gold in the sun.

Tattoos? Eve wondered.

squirrel, animal lover, science fictionBut her question disappeared as she watched the squirrel scurry up the gardener’s arm. The man bent his head toward the squirrel’s head and …. was he talking to the animal?

The squirrel cuddled in the crook of the man’s elbow. The gardener stood up – must be at least six foot five, Eve guessed, and approached a tall oak tree in which a larger squirrel jabbered angrily.

The baby squirrel jumped from the man’s arm and raced up the three trunk to its mama, who seemed to did the mama squirrel just salute her baby’s rescuer?

“Savannah!” Eve shouted. “I’ve found my bodyguard!”

steampunk, science fiction, blog story

Thanks to D.W. Peach for her May photo prompt.  Link to her original post here.


118 thoughts on “The Bodyguard

  1. Lovely story, Pam. I like how he turned out to be a gentle giant of a man.
    It’s so funny how people see or how images trigger different responses–I read a story from another blogger friend that was the complete opposite of your in tone. 🙂

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    • No arrogance allowed in storytelling or (to be honest) in any facet of life. Arrogance shows a lack of imagination and empathy, in my mind. Anyway, many many thanks for enjoying my “take” on Diana’s prompt. xo

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  2. Aww. Pam, you always add a bit of sweetness to these stories. What a fun way to end this month’s prompts. Nothing quite like a big handsome man with a kind heart. Thanks so much for playing along, my friend. I’m going to share in just a few. 🙂

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    • How I love envisioning you reading about “my” bodyguard as you waited in the doctor’s office. Hope it made you smile and relax before the nurse took your blood pressure. 🙂


    • It was a challenge. At first when we look at something that’s supposed to be one thing (in this case, scary, perhaps violent and of another world), I find it exciting to find the inside to that preconception. The insides of beings are always more surprising than the outside…. >3


  3. Pam, a delightful story to this photo prompt! Where so many have angled towards the darkness, the light and joy are compelling. Eve has indeed found her ideal bodyguard – if the mother squirrel doesn’t nab him first! 😀

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    • So fabulous to see you here, Annika, with your always encouraging words and sense of humor. I think “the bodyguard” will always have a place in his heart for the squirrel… as well as for Eve now. Yes, I couldn’t find any darkness in the photo prompt – thank goodness there is hidden light in all of us. ❤

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  4. Hi Pam, A great, fun read. I already feel protected by this body guard. I looked outside my window just now at my gardener/husband. No huge muscles rippling, although has the inside heart:)

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