Trumpeting Truths

dogwood, New England spring






In my little town, the sky sparkles
Like diamond dust thrown in the wind
Lifted by souls of the living
Who search for the gift of happiness.

Like diamond dust thrown in the wind
Questions fly to neighbors near and far
Who search for the gift of happiness
While surveying their view of the world.

Pelican by birder62 on Pixabay, Pixabay





Questions fly to neighbors near and far
Are you worried, angry, or sad
While surveying your view of the world
Where the cardinal and pelican play.

Are you worried, angry, or sad
Living in towns, cities and farms
Where the cardinal and pelican play
With wings full of wisdom and grace.

Living in towns, cities, and farms
Worshipping spirits and stars from above
With wings full of wisdom and grace
The answers appear all around.

sunset, Kauai





Worshipping spirits and stars from above
While rain glistens or sun sets with a splash
The answers appear all around
If we listen to trumpeting truths.

While rain glistens or sun sets with a splash
From sea to shining sea
If we listen to trumpeting truths
The message can give us all peace.

rainbow, Kaui, Hawaii





From sea to shining sea
We embrace the spirits who soar
The message can give us all peace
Love and joy are in each part of us.



101 thoughts on “Trumpeting Truths

  1. This is such a beautiful poem Pam… The truth is Nature has always given us those Sparkling Diamonds and they have always been there… Maybe now when people have had to pause in their ‘Sacred Isolation’, they might now take a better, longer look at what they have been missing while they have been so busy in their own little worlds..
    Loved your words Pam, and all of your images my friend..
    May we all pause long enough to hear the world’s truth…. ❤ 🙏💚

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    • Many thanks for highlighting that phrase, Derrick. I feel that these two birds are so dissimilar, and yet they each represent so much to us “grounded” beings. Personally I wish I could soar like a pelican in red cardinal feathers.❤️

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  2. A beautiful pantoum, Pam–full of hope and cheering, inspiring thoughts. Thank you, a beautiful read to start my day!

    (I don’t care, but technical question–aren’t pantoums supposed to include verses from the the first stanza in the last? )

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  3. Lyrical and lovely, Pam. A perfect reminder for these times that nature has the ability to soothe and comfort. My hope is that we all listen to the trumpeting of the truth and go into the future armed with compassion and love.

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  4. Good morning, Poetess! Trumpeting inspiration to all of us. I believe joy, love, beauty, peace is at the center of us. The sparkling diamond at the center. But there are clouds and rainstorms that seemingly temporarily obscure the changeless at the center. So I will second your trumpet!

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  5. What a wide canvas Pam! I am amazed at the images you chose… so different of the same sky, in the same manner your thoughts soar from sparkling sky to peace and joy that we all crave for in this ever-changing world! Well done!

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  6. Dear Hope Trumpeter: Love and hope are 4-letter words I can embrace.
    This week my eyes turned skyward because I was hoping for good weather while our roof was being replaced. The weather held — almost! After the downpour on day 2, skies cleared and the job was DONE.

    Your poem and my experience may be good metaphors for what I pray may happen in our country and in our world.

    Thanks for always bringing rays of sunshine here, ((( )))

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  7. I love this “new-to-me” pattern you’ve used in your poem. The second line becomes the first of each next stanza. And of course the theme is beautiful. We must remember in these hard times that we need to hold onto love and beauty and not be overwhelmed by the ugliness that tries to take over.

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  8. A beautiful poem to start the weekend, Pam. Happy to see inspiration still abounds in your mind. I love blue sky and blossoms. It’s finally spring and warm. Did your hubby say “I told you so” yet? 🙂 The season did start extremely late this year.

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    • Every late spring my guy says “I told you so.” But really, do we have to wait this long for this beautiful glorious weather? 🧐 I suppose we should be grateful. Here’s to our inspiration and to that glorious light of love that is within us. Enjoy your time in Maine. XO

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  9. In my little town, it is the ocean that sparkles like diamonds…and it is where I find my hope…
    Your poem is beautiful and full of promise that if we only listen and look, perhaps someday soon hope will find us. In nature, it is always there. Thank you for pointing that out once again…because some days we do get lost in the mess.
    Have a wonderful and joyful weekend my friend. I left you some love on my blog.

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    • Ocean “diamonds” always give me peace and hope and joy. Living by the ocean is my dream, but at least I get to visit as much as possible. But I’ve learned to see the diamonds in the leaves of trees and the feather of birds, in the nighttime sky and the air we breathe. Sending love right back to you. xo


  10. Pam, I read your poem a few times and my mind began to play with your title “Trumpeting Truths” as I was reading. “Worried, angry, or sad” is very much a common denominator of emotions throughout the world.

    You are right, the trumpeting truths appear all around us. I appreciate how you weave many forms of nature to bring us back to all that is good, beautiful and peaceful. All we need to do is look around us. An emotional, inspirational and beautiful poem. Your photos are stunning and fit perfectly with the words.

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    • I’m never sure where the “words” come from, Erica, and I always find my photos to match them at the end, before I post. But I know that as the words arrive, they help me cope, and to see the hope in the world. And to realize that (not to sound trite), WE are the WORLD. Many thanks for your sweet comments. ❤

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