Holy Toledo Turkey!

turkey, ThanksgivingWhen we realized that the safest way to celebrate Thanksgiving was to basically not celebrate Thanksgiving with our family, I pouted.

I procrastinated.

I promised myself that I would be grateful for all that I had, not what I’d miss.

And finally, my guy and I decided we’d order a turkey for our small Thanksgiving table – just the two of us.

We called our favorite local farm, where we buy our fresh veggies and meats and sandwiches and desserts and, well, you get the picture. We are firm believers in SHOP LOCAL.

But alas, so are many people in our community; the farm’s turkeys had been sold out weeks ago.

We called several other local stores, with the same story, at least for the small, eight pound variety.

old man with birds and cat, Shelley Steinle, children's illustration

“Mister fills up his birdfeeder every day where the birds eat and swing back and forth.” Illustrations © Shelley Steinle, Molly Find Her Purr

So, on Wednesday morning we picked up our last choice – a 16 pounder. Holy Toledo Turkey!

But this is where the Holy comes in. Several single people live nearby. Why not share some roasted turkey with a few of them?  How about the lady down the street with the cat she rescued two years ago?  And that fellow next block over who fills his four bird feeders every day, just like Mister in my book Molly Finds Her Purr?

The good news is, we don’t have that much turkey left over today. The even better news is that my publisher sent me a link, linking Mister, and the widow with the rescued cat, and a holiday deal. https://www.borgopublishing.com/product-page/two-children-s-picture-books-by-pamela-wight

Molly Finds Her Purr, Birds of Paradise, children's illustrated books

Borgo Publishing is offering a wonderful bargain on my two children’s books, Birds of Paradise and Molly Finds Her Purr. Each hardcover children’s book is full of gorgeous illustrations and (yes, I must say it) highly reviewed stories about birds Bert and Bessie, who discover how to love themselves despite their flaws, and Molly, a bullied cat who finds unexpected friendship. These books are perfect for any child ages 2 to 102!

Shop local and independent. 

And Molly and Bert warn: Stay Safe!

Illustrations © Shelley Steinle, 

121 thoughts on “Holy Toledo Turkey!

  1. such a wonderful ending. p.s. I’ve recently ordered your book ‘Molly’ from my local indie book store and it’s back ordered, so I’m excited for when it arrives, must be selling very well!

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  2. Many smiles in this one. Well done. We bought local – but a meal-for-four from a locally-owned restaurant. Picked it up Tuesday – heated it Thursday – no mess, no fuss. Our third was my wife’s father (age 91), so we have just enough leftover. Still, there is much to be grateful for. 🙂

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  3. We also believe in shopping locally, yet it is amazing what is sold out right now. I am back to Zoom reading with my granddaughters due to recent visiting restrictions. One of their top two book requests is “Molly Finds Her Purr!” And, I continue to enjoy reading it over and over and over again. 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving, Pam.❤️

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  4. Once again Pam, you inspire me and remind me of how, even in difficult circumstances, hope, joy, love, possibility lives when we open our hearts and share all we can.
    And… I’m off to order your books for my grandchildren. what a lovely gift it will be, especially when I can say, “I know the author” — well, sort of, in a virtual way, but I do feel like I know your heart. It is beautiful.

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  5. I can’t think of a nicer gift to find under the tree. People with kids should go for this bargain and do a good thing for their kids. A great book lasts so much longer than a breakable toy or gadget, and the memory of the story in that book could last forever.

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      • I’ve always loved books. My mother used to read the fairy tales to me (in German) and when we came to Canada when I was in grade one, and the fairy tales were in some of the books here, I was amazed that they were the same stories. Six-year-old’s POV. I didn’t know about translations or world-famous stories then. But I do remember that books made a big impression. I made a point of reading a lot to my classes after I became a teacher, and I hope I’ve helped instill a love of books in my students over the years. Your children’s books would be wonderful gifts, and if I had little kids, I would definitely put those books under the tree. Lots of lifelong warm and fuzzy feelings to draw on. 😉


  6. Hope you had a great day! We had a 14 pounder too, but we usually have a 20 pounder. Too few people to celebrate this year – just my husband and I and our daughter and her husband. Eli is too small for turkey!

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  7. A great post, Pam. We were planning to travel by car, then two days before Thanksgiving we changed our minds and stayed home. I’m glad we did. Our Thanksgiving was quiet and we have a lot to be thankful for this year (just like every year), including your friendship. ❤

    I'm so happy to see your books on sale! What a great deal, especially for those with children or grandchildren or neighbor children or giving trees or….the list goes on. Beautiful books. And in fact, I've just given myself an idea. I think I'll order two for one of the giving tree names I picked.

    Enjoy your weekend! The tree's going up at our house. 🙂

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  8. The 11-pound turkey we ordered turned into a 13-pounder when I brought it in from the car last week. Alas, I’ve never been good with numbers. Maybe it’s my eyesight . . .

    Plaudits, Pam, for sharing your bounty. We are storing the leftovers in hopes of making soup, etc. to share later.

    Your books are the perfect gift, as I know from experience, having gifted myself some – ha!
    And your deluxe books are a bargain at that price, a gift that gives on giving again and again. I’m planning to run a sale on mine this week. Why not!

    I hope you have LOTS of sales, Pam! 🙂

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  9. We also had a quiet Thanksgiving, Pam, with just the two of us and Peking Goose. Just enough left overs for soup and a sandwich. It was hard not seeing everyone, and Christmas is going to almost impossible! To soothe my aching heart, we decided to have a giant Thanksgiving/Christmas in July event. We’re going to rent a place at the beach, invite the kids and grandkids, have turkey and a Christmas tree and lights and cranberry sauce and presents and lots of hugs and thankfulness. Hang in there a little longer and this virus will be behind us. There’s much to be thankful for. ❤ ❤ ❤

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  10. The perfect solution to a too-big turkey feast! Years ago my son and I were in London for Christmas and the only restaurants we could find open on the holiday were in the Lebanese quarter. We had a huge meal apiece and took the leftovers in to-go boxes. We gave them to two fellows living in the subway halls. It was the best Christmas gift that year.

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  11. Holy Moly! You shared turkey with neighbors? Oh, Pam, you have risen even higher in my books. Speaking of books–way to go. I only wish I had some young’un grandkids–I would buy a book for each of them. The cats don’t read. 😦

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  12. Happy Thanksgiving, Pam. You wanted to give away a little turkey anyway. That’s where those big birds come in handy.

    I hope you saw that I finished The Right Wrong Man and left a review on Amazon and Goodreads. Super read! The other good news is I’ve finally stopped calling you Pamela Wright. I bet you get that a lot. 😎

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    • OH my gosh, Pete. Thanks for letting me know – a special Thanksgiving gift! Your review is amazing – so well-written and you totally “get” the plot of my twisty tale. I’m so glad (ie, relieved) that you enjoyed this romantic suspense. THANK YOU for your support and your kudos. I’ve included your review in this site’s tab for THE RIGHT WRONG MAN.
      And yes, I get Pamela White and Pamela Wright a lot- I always explain I have ancestors who came from Britain’s Isle of Wight – not sure if that’s true, but seems it must be. Happy Thanksgiving weekend!

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  13. My neighbor and friend delivered the most delicious feast on my doorstep. I was so thrilled and touched . My beautiful friend works in a clinic and this was her week off.

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  14. I’m glad you found a turkey! When Mark and I celebrate Thanksgiving, just the two of us (and when in a house with an oven, which only happened during house sits), we always looked for the smallest turkey in the store. In recent years, turkey “parts” had to suffice. Yesterday, our Thanksgiving meal was devoured in the middle of the Arizona desert. 🙂

    One day, I’m buying these two children’s books! I have them in my cart. All I need is an address, an occasion, and the opportunity to check them out myself before gifting them!

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    • An Arizona Thanksgiving sounds warm and inviting, Liesbet (we had cold chilly rain, and I know how much you miss that). 🙂 Thanks for placing my books in your cart. Once you have an address I’d be happy to send the books to you autographed if you’d prefer. ❤

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  15. How wonderful that you were able to share the wealth of your turkeyfest feast with your neighbors ~> SMILES!

    We enjoyed a turkey-less feast on the back deck. Just the two of us . . . AND creamy mashed potatoes, savory stuffing, delicious gravy, fresh green beans, buttery butternut squash, cranberry sauce, olives, the works! Plus PIE for dessert. And leftovers.

    We ZOOMED with family in Orlando, Lexington KY, and Fort Collins, CO. And BFF spoke with each of his siblings in NJ and MD. All in all, a good day in a somewhat funky year.

    Good luck with those darling books!

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  16. Now isn’t that what Thanksgiving is all about? Sharing with others. What a beautiful thing. My husband, back when he was single, used to make Thanksgiving and Christmas suppers and invite all the lonely and alones. He was such a generous soul.
    And I’ve ordered the two books because – just because! Maybe one day I’ll be a grandmother. Maybe not. Either way, I know I will enjoy them.

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  17. What a wonderful way to turn a minus into a plus! I love it. Unfortunately, that wasn’t an option here though I have done that on normal occasions. Due to health concerns, we did things differently this year as well. My sister who is waiting for new lungs and is compromised as I am, decided the safest thing was for her to cook dinner for the first time and my daughter and I joined her and the mother of her housemates. She is 87 and isolates in her own room. I was so proud of my sister pulling the small dinner together for the first time. Everyone should do it once I think. We baked the pies and brought rolls. It was a short visit after helping clean up so she could go rest. It was a day of gratitude any way you look at it. I think your idea to invite neighbors is a great on. Lets hope we can do that again for different reasons in the coming years. Have a wonderfilled weekend.

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    • Oh, Marlene! I’m thinking so much now about your sister. Please keep us all updated about her condition and her transplant! That is a great feat to make a meal like that. And it is a beautiful way of giving to everyone in the household. Hugs to you❣️

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  18. What a fabulous idea to share the abundance! We too are trying to support local whenever possible in these challenging times. Will look for your books at our local bookstores and then on to where sold in Canada.

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  19. Pam what a great idea to share your huge turkey with others nearby! Hope that the women with the cats got a double portion to share the left overs with her furry ones.

    Your books are very much beloved by a little girl living in Spain! Her parents are from Belgium and New Zealand and they really appreciated receiving such quality English language children’s books.



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  20. Pam, a touching post and in the midst of the sadness of not seeing your family in person you spread warmth, kindness and some thanksgiving feast with your neighbours … it’s strange times and your experience shows how we are all adapting for now. Next year you can have one almighty fabulous celebration together! Your books look incredible and a terrific offer from you and your publisher! Heartwarming to just see these snippets! Take care, my friend. hugs xx

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    • Well, the fun and joyful news is that my post here about passing-around-the turkey and my publisher’s book special has led to many people ordering my children’s books for holiday gifts. This is making my December very happy. 🙂 Hugs on YOUR wing, Teagan. xo

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