Looking for Love During Covid

love, vaccination, Covid love, Pixabay“That’s not a New Year’s resolution – that’s a death wish!” her mom proclaimed.

But Tessa was determined. She was going to find the man of her dreams, the man she was destined to love and cherish for the rest of her life, or it would kill her.

“I won’t allow it,” Mom Marilyn declared, arms crossed, frown plastered on her face.

“Ha. I’m 24, Mom. You can’t make me not do anything.” Tessa’s own frown created a line between her eyebrows. “That sounded weird. I just should have never told you, but in case…”

“In case what?” Marilyn interrupted.face mask, love during Covid, Covid love

“In case you wonder where I am, now you know where to find me.” Tessa pulled out a face mask from her leather satchel, the one she usually took to work. But Tessa had been working and living from home for the past nine months. Her mother’s home, to be exact, because Tessa had roomed with two friends who tempted fate by not wearing masks and not socially distancing. Tessa might be crazy, but she wasn’t stupid.

“They won’t want you,” Marilyn suggested.

“I already signed up, Mom.” Tessa was an official volunteer to prick the skin of any citizen who stood in line at the local CVS, asking for a vaccine.

vaccination, CVS, Covid love“You’re exposing yourself to potential Covid carriers, and you’re…”

Tessa’s eyes turned dreamy. “My New Year’s resolution was to find ‘the one.’ I’m not going to do that on virtual dates nor by holing up in your guest room. I’m putting myself out there. And I’m doing a service to our country at the same time.”

Tessa stomped out of her childhood home, dressed in a short red skirt, a frilly white silk blouse, and a fancy face mask. Her eyes were dressed in lavender eye shadow and thin eye liner, since her eyes were the part of her that would need to exude compassion, caring, beauty and sexiness. That and the red high heels she tottered on. looking for love, Covid love, couple

She hummed as she drove to the boxy CVS. Who knew? Today could be the day that the guy – the right guy –  could bare his arm, and his heart, to lonely, looking-for-love Tessa.

106 thoughts on “Looking for Love During Covid

  1. great writing with your flair – and looking for love while working is a fun idea and the way she was humming shows she was ok the lookout and hunt but possibly not too obsessed with having to find him that day
    and the covid vaccine topic was clever – a bit of an agenda pergolas woven in – but timely and realistic

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    • “How I found love” stories are always a big hitter with readers.(What an excellent ration station you listen to!) I wrote a post once asking people to share how they met their “one and only” and it was a winner – so many wonderful comments. We humans need connections. And Tessa is creative in finding the connection she thirsts for. ❤

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  2. I keep thinking how much this situation blows for all the single young adults in my family. My nieces and nephews, my children… me… Okay, I’m not so young but still. It’s bee rather difficult for them.
    Let’s wish Tessa lots of luck!

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  3. I know it’s so difficult for people who are trying to date during this time. At least Tessa is also helping people, and who knows what may happen? She’s probably in less danger than the people who have to work daily in the CVS store.

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  4. I read your post late last night, Pam, and Tessa’s story entered my dreams. My first thought this morning is how you and I have a wonderful blogging friend in common who is ‘looking-for-love.’ Only one problem, Tessa is a fictional character, and this gentleman is a warm blooded human. Thank you for your vivid descriptions bringing the characters and story to life…….the eyes behind the mask……the red heels.❤️

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    • I think it’s so fantastic that Tessa and her search entered your dreams, Erica. That means Tessa moved from being a “character” in a story to being a real person. And I do believe that there are a lot of people out there searching for connections and love. And yes, out blogging friend deserves to find someone . . . perhaps someone like Tessa (only a bit older). 🙂 Let us dream this into reality for him!

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  5. I can imagine how difficult it must be for younger adults to be forced to put their dating dreams on hold. This story certainly shows that. I’m on hold, too– but I’ve found the one so no need for red heels or a come hither look in my gaze.

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    • Welllll . . . . your someone might like a come hither look every once in a while, just for fun! 🙂 Yes, this year has curtailed a lot of new romances, I’m afraid. Maybe in late 2021/and in 2022 love will spike in the entire human kingdom. ❤

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  6. Cute story. My best friend’s 23-year-old daughter found love during the two-weeks-to-stop-the-spread lockdown. I’m not sure how. I think she did online dating, and they eventually met in person over the summer (2020). In trying not to die, we’ve stopped living. I’m glad her daughter didn’t stop living, because she was also lonely, and she found a good guy. 💗

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    • What a fabulous (true life) story, Lori! Thanks for sharing about your friend’s daughter. Love may be hidden in shadows because of the pandemic, but YAY for people who find LOVE and bring it out into the daylight! Here’s to LIVING. ❤

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  7. My takeaway here: Don’t neglect the EYES. “Her eyes were dressed in lavender eye shadow and thin eye liner. . . .”

    In these Masked-in-Public days, I do pay attention to the eyes, sometimes adding some white eyeshadow with gleam just under the outer eyebrows. No eyeliner though as I can’t see well enough to put it on. Next week, I’ll have new spectacles, dark red, to match the color of Tessa’s high heels.

    Good for Tessa – high hopes and spunk.
    Another winner, Pam — thank you!

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    • I can’t wait to see a picture of you in your red eye glasses! To match Tessa AND your red high heels!!
      My daughter introduced me to an eyeshadow called “kitten.” Just a bit of a soft light glimmer that yes, focuses on the eyes. Perfect for this mask-wearing time. ❤

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    • Ohhh, thank you so much Donna. I don’t give myself credit for these stories. The character just takes over in my writing head and “shows” me her story. I suggested she wear turquoise eye shadow (to match her face mask) but nope, it had to be lavender. 🙂 We writers need to listen to our characters, and then their lives become real for all of us. ❤


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  10. I have heard some of the challenges of looking-for-love-during-covid but never imagined a story such as this. I love it! May Tessa find her true love. Perhaps she’ll discover she HAS found her true love–the one within–the one who is learning to give to others. xoxo

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  11. Pam, wonderful energy in your writing and in Tessa! 😃 I love how you’ve written a story in the most current of times – and given it a twist of romance. I’m holding out hope for Tessa and feel for her after nine months of not seeing anyone apart from her mother. Here there are volunteers galore signing up and such a postive vibe at the vaccination centres. I can just imagine Tessa looking up from the bare arm of a guy straight into his eyes and falling madly in love. Lockdown romances seem to have blossomed – my son met his girlfriend the night before he had to come home before lockdown in March 2020. After four months of hours long video chat they could meet up again and are now spending this lockdown (no.3) together in student digs. Wishing you a lovely day, my dear friend and thank you for your wonderful uplifting story. love & hugs xx ❤️

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    • Thanks for YOUR uplifting story. Your son and his girlfriend started off perfectly – becoming friends via long conversations (albeit on video, not in person, out of necessity). From friendship and truly learning to know about each other, came love. Better than a needle in the arm! 🙂 xo

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  13. I’m may need to buy some red high heels… And some gumption! Do you know what isle I can find that in CVS? Lol

    Pam , Thanks for the inspirational story!

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