A Summer Salute

sunflowers, sunflower field, summer






A month of humid and

Undulating heat that

Gushes over us like rock

waterfall, summer






Under a waterfall until we

Sweat and swear and suddenly

Tilt toward Fall – mourning summer past.

pumpkin, baby pumpkinI’m off for an end-of-summer blogging break. But in the meantime, click on the links to these delightful posts by wonderful bloggers who have some joyful reviews (of a particular book) that flash with insight. Happiness Between Tales by da-Al;   Luanne Castle’s Writer Site; and The Showers of Blessings.


88 thoughts on “A Summer Salute

  1. It’s been so gross out this month. Hard to get anything done (on our new camper), needing to walk the dog early or late, and now it rains. After this summer, I’m not sure we like summer anymore in New England either… Maybe spring and fall are the best? 🙂 Enjoy your blogging break, Pam.

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  2. Enjoy your end-of-summer blogging break, Pam! I hope you make the most of the precious last days of summer. Love your word choice, “undulating heat.” An apt description of what we’ve been having. I will choose to remember the beautiful days we enjoyed.

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  3. What a perfect acrostic description of August. We curse while we are in it and, when the cold comes, we lament its passing.
    Enjoy your holiday! I’m off for a week on mine, too.

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  4. Lots of bloggers are taking breaks, all well deserved.

    The glimpse of happy sunflower faces reminds me of a bunch I bought at the grocery store. They looked hale and healthy for a day or two after I put them in a vase. Then they drooped their heads in shame. Maybe their stalks needed support with little stiff tubes. Maybe they needed a BREAK. Enjoy yours! 🙂

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  5. Enjoy, enjoy!! We all need fresh perspective on occasion. Love the poem using the letters of August. I’m always thrilled to see autumn come in, especially after the summer we had this year. It was record breaking all the way around. See you soon, I hope. 😉

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    • Oregon had a challenging summer, to say the least. The waterfall photo, by the way, was taken by my son at Mt. Hood in Oregon. Here in the East Coast, the humidity and record rain fall made summer a bit disappointing. But still – a heck of a lot better than winter. :-0 (in my humble opinion). 🙂

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  6. I always laugh when we approach the end of August. People in hot and humid Texas begin sounding like Michiganders at the end of March — all we want is to get out of the AC (instead of the cold) and back outdoors! Enjoy your break, however you spend it!

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    • I know. We complain when it’s too cold in the winter and when it’s too hot in the summer. Personally I’ll go for the hot!. I’m cooling off with ocean waves right now. Here’s to enjoying all 4 seasons. 💜💙❤️💚

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    • Thanks, Arlene. The rain here and the HOT sun produced those sunflowers at a local farm near my house. We’ve had remnants of a hurricane pass through since I took that photo, but the sunflowers are still standing up tall. 😉

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  7. Pam, hope you’re having a fantastic break! August this year has been very cool and just GREY!

    Congratulations on the wonderful and insightful review! I will be sharing my review of your book in September!

    PS. The sunflower field looks amazing … can you wander between them all and absorb the beauty closely? hugs xx ❤️

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    • Hi Annika!! So glad you’ll be blogging again soon. I love your posts, and the one on Sally’s Tapestry a few days ago was terrific.
      Yes, visitors to the local farm were allowed to walk amongst the sunflowers (for a small fee), take photos, and cut a few to take home I took this photo before the “opening” began, so I just stood on the sidelines and took my shot. I’ve passed these sunflowers so many times since, and despite Henri the hurricane passing by with lots of wind and rain, they still stand up tall!

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