Conversation Between Me…and Me

reflection, waterlogue, resolutions






Yay for you, for me, for the two of us

Sailing through 2021 with little fuss.

Sure we had ups, we had downs

In fact the year had us spinning round and round.

ocean, Oceant City NJ






But we stood steady on terra firm

By allowing our imagination to learn

Never to stop, never to fear or yield

‘cause our mind is an unmined inventive field.

daisy, field of daisies




Fields of daisies and fields of weeds

No matter what crops up from our creative seeds

Each sprout releases doubt, releases us

To be exactly who we absolutely must

egret, Great Meadows, Concord MA






Must we take on too many duties and “have-to-do’s”

We wondered, and from the answer “NO,” we grew

In appreciation of relaxation, meditation, letting go

Of the need to tackle this, tackle that, back and fro.

sailing, at the dock of the bay, Tiburon CA






So the inner me (Pam) toasts the outer you (Pamela)

For a year stretched in yoga while avoiding life’s drama

Writing our heart out – you and me – where we’ll always find

Truth and beauty and love forever and ever entwined.


151 thoughts on “Conversation Between Me…and Me

  1. Pam / Pamela, this is so beautiful and heart-warming — touching and insightful reflections about yourself, this year and what really matters in your life! I feel such harmony and tranquillity reading your post; its peace radiates strongly and I am happy that you’ve found ‘Truth and beauty and love forever and ever entwined.’ Wishing the same for you in the New Year, with much love, Annika xx❤️

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    • I’m no Tennyson, but as a Wight writer, I know that if we stop to fear, we’ll never create. To us, Marian, and ignoring our fear of how our creations are viewed and/or accepted To not caring, but to CARING in our words. Cheers to a wonderful blogger and writer and woman. ❤

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    • So.Many.Stories. I hope I have enough time in 2022 to tell them. Time is the most challenging barrier to jump across, for me. To making the most of every day with words, hugs, and love. Happy New Year my friend. May it be cozy and safe and full of joy in your little house in the woods.


  2. I think you just described the secret of joy, Pam. This is something that I’m working on with mixed success, but I’ve read your poem twice just to reinforce the “flow.” It’s pretty wonderful when you hit the mark or miss the mark and say to yourself “good enough.” Wishing you a fabulous new year with many dreams come true and days of love and laughter.

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  3. The constant challenges of life for Pete and Peter or Pam and Pamela. We can all identify with the inner conflict. Wishing you a fabulous 2002, Pam!

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    • I totally believe in embracing all aspects of us, Gerlinde. The only way to stay sane, most times. ;-0 Love and hugs to you in your beautiful part of the world. Happy cooking/baking in 2022.


    • With love, beauty and truth, the world would surely be a kinder, more peaceful and joyful place. All we can do is use these tools as a guide in our own lives, for sure. Many thanks, Patricia. P.S. Have you heard of/read The Electric Kingdom? My 13-year-old grandson wanted it for his birthday, so I got a copy for him and one for me. It’s … electrifying.


  4. After such a… trying 2021, your soothing words about it and a brighter future remind me of Edgar Allen Poe’s “Words have no power to impress the mind without the exquisite horror of their reality.”
    Thank you for making 2021 seem like a growing experience!

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    • Wow. I wasn’t sure about the Poe quote at first, but he sure knows how to use words, and without reality, we wouldn’t have LIFE in all of its intricacies. Thank you so much for your insightful comment!

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  5. Aww Pam.. So loved this message from your inner you to outer you and then to all of us..
    Your words resonated too…. I have been so grateful in my navigation of 2021 too… It showed me more inner strength, more inner peace and more creative skills..
    Loved your poem.. and images..
    Sending you lots of Hugs and much love for an even brighter Illuminating 2022….
    Happy New Year! ❤

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