The Creature Inside and Out“Stevie, I don’t have a creature inside me,” I insist. “In fact, there’s not much left to me at all,” I stare down at my decrepit body, hunched over from arthritis and age.

“That’s the point, Auntie!” Stevie exclaims. “The creature inside you is young. Vibrant. Viral.”

Readers: I’m Lucia, and my story began at the last post (  explaining that my brilliant nephew Stevie is convincing me to take a pill he invented that will help me become“the creature within.” At my old age, crooked with regrets, I decide to take the plunge, so to speak. Many of you guessed I will turn into a dragon, or a bird, a snake or a butterfly. Some of you even guessed I’d become a … well, wait, I’m holding the pill in my hand …

I’m nervous as all get-out. I’ve been a beast at times: a poor wife, a selfish lover, an absent mom and a disbeliever in God or any spiritual authority. So, what, indeed, will this pill create?

Stevie seems to have no doubt. “Auntie, think of your birthdate.”

“March 13. What’s that have to do with anything?” I ask, my old lady crankiness coming to the forefront. ;

“Pisces” (2/19-3/20) is the Latin word for “fishes.” It is one of the earliest zodiac signs on record..

“And what’s your sign?” he continues.

“I have no damn idea,” I answer as I swipe the pill from his hand and swallow it with a glass of Scotch. After all, it’s 5 p.m. somewhere.

The first thing I hear is a SWISH. I peer behind me and gasp. A….tail? But not a horse tail or a cow tail or even a dog tail. A green scaly tail. My legs disappear and my arms urge me to pull my elongated body toward the beach and the ocean, just yards away from my cottage.

Stevie’s mouth is wide open and he shouts. “Ohhhhh Myyyyy GOD!”

I just slither closer to the water. My skin from waist down is florescent green and mostly tail. The rest of me is bare. Naked! And my breasts are full and bouncy. The breasts of a 20-year-old.

I shout, Ya hoo!! and dive into the surf, my mermaid inner being coming to fruition, thanks to kooky Stevie.

Congrats to Dale, first reader who guessed “mermaid.” 

88 thoughts on “The Creature Inside and Out

  1. I love it! A mermaid? Far more interesting that a garden variety dragon! Woohoo! And I love Stevie’s only request….”think of your birthdate”. A magical reset…no matter what the pill contained… and I’m sure the Scotch didn’t hurt one bit! 😊😊😊

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    • Since I get horribly sea sick, I know the ocean would not be the place for me, Jacqui. And I don’t even think of myself as “old.” Not even mature. Give me another 50 years, and then maybe….. 🙂

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  2. Oh Pam…I want one of those pills!
    No pain, just oceans of beauty on top and
    under the water…can Stevie rush one to me?
    I’m an Aquarius…water bearer…lol!!!

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    • Aquarius Pat, if I could get such a pill from Stevie (and if I had a genius-nephew), I’d rush one to you. You would make a gorgeous mermaid, because you are a beautiful woman.


  3. Brilliant… and perhaps you don’t know how brilliant Pam… For we are now well entered into the Age of Aquarius And Mermaids are coming into our consciousness again.. And oh for the top half of a 20 year old LOL…. 🙂 Not so sure I would like the fish tail though.. 😉 … 🙂
    Sending LOVE your way Pam… ❤

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  4. Quite a story, Bette. I read the other one and came to read this one. Didn’t guess mermaid but I was very eager to find out! Who knew making a choice could lead to a whole new life. Beautiful writing, Pam. Hope you are doing well 😊💕

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