The Wrong One

suitcase, lost baggage, flash fictionI was exhausted, angry at Bob for not picking me up at the airport, and regretful of the argument I’d had with my parents as I left their Florida condo to return to Boston.

It was 10 p.m. when the taxi stopped in front of my brownstone on Commonwealth Ave. The driver pulled out my suitcase and waited for his fare. He’d not spoken a word the short trip from Logan to my place, and now he just held out his hand for the $20 I placed there. With no thanks for the $5 tip, he got back in his yellow cab and sped off. Continue reading

Haywire in the Bookstore

bookstore, blog, flash fictionHis gasp brought Charlotte back to her past, decades ago in their sophomore year in college, when a skinny tall boy with too-large ears approached her after their English lit class. They’d been assigned as a team by Professor Rife to write a 10-page thesis paper. (Continuing from last week’s The Bookstore Intruder.)

“Each team must agree upon a book most admired, and then defend it. The goal is to read your paper in class next week and convince the other teams to vote for your book.”

Charlotte shivered in annoyance when the young man found her an hour later in the library. Continue reading

So, How’d You Two Meet?

romance, couplesROMANCE IS DEAD, the headlines read.

Just like God, and book reading, and carb-eating.

But we all know they never went away.

So I laugh when people squirm after they learn I write romantic suspense.



“Inconsequential!” are the comments I hear (or the sneers I detect).

I am unfazed.

The Intern, Robert DeNiro, Ann Hathaway

       Photo Credit:    Francois Duhamel

But still, I’m encouraged when I read articles like a recent Time Q&A piece on Nancy Myers, the writer/director of the new movie The Intern (starring Robert DeNiro and Ann Hathaway), in which Myers addresses the state of romance.* Continue reading

What Makes a Man “HOT”?

hot man, romanceOkay, let’s get right down to it – what is a hot man?

Many women reading this immediately flash on to a guy they, ahem, admire: Brad Pitt, Tom Brady, Bradley Cooper, Robert Downey Jr., George Clooney.

What do these guys have that earn them the status of HOT?

Or, to put it another way, which guys in your life would you call McSteamy or McDreamy?

With the help of my family photo album (full of spouse, son, brother, son-in-law, nephews, cousins), I’ve come up with 15 reasons a guy makes it in my “oh la la” considerations.

1. Romantic

romance, sex, marriage, beach shadow

 2. Athletic

brother, hot man, plank on the beach

3. Smart

graduation, hot man, nephew

4. Conqueror of Nature

nature, snow, winter, shoveling, conqueror,

5. Sense of Humor

sense of humor, gobble, Thanksgiving, father and son

6. Not Afraid to Sip Girly Drinks

girly drinks, nephew, hot guy, cafe

7. Good Dancer

dancing, grandfather, baby dancing

8. Cooks for a Crowd, or Just the Two of You

cook, brother, cooking for a crowd

9. Good Appetite

son, brunch, Berkeley restaurant, good eater

10. Helps Babes in Distress

Father and son, nap time, at the beach

11. Captains the Seas

sea captain, sailing, sailing on the San Francisco Bay, brother

12. Enjoys being a “hot” dog

hot dog, beach dog, Ocean City

13. Loves Babies

son-in-law, fathering, baby love

14. Lifeguards on the Beach

grandfathering, grandson, beach, Hawaii

15. Cuddles Cousins

cousin love, nephew, baby

As a writer of romantic suspense, I create men who embody these 15 characteristics. In my “hot” off-the-press, just released e-book, Twin Desires, main character Sandra must figure out who is the good guy, and who isn’t, in a thrilling story of intrigue, murder, mystery,  and romance.

The Sinclair twins may look alike, but one is “hot” in the best sense, one is not. Can Sandra figure out which one is her “McDreamy”? Download Twin Desires on your Kindle or Nook.  Remembering my 15 points of hot men, you may figure it out before Sandra does.

Twin Desires, romantic suspense, e-book