Trapped….? For days I’d heard the soft knocking that I couldn’t place. Had Rocky returned? Last year I named the large woodpecker that pecked on my living room window, “Rocky.” I finally googled what to do about birds who nearly kill themselves knocking on windows, and I closed the curtain for two months until the light changed the reflection. I haven’t seen Rocky since.

But still. Knock Knock. Knock. A light tapping. 

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The Time Design

time machine, She experienced a strange sensation – one of light-headedness and a touch of nausea while at the same time feeling euphoric and frightened. 

The combined emotions were oddly fascinating, and Sheila wondered vaguely if this is what it felt like to be tripping on a drug like LSD.  But she looked around and acknowledged that she hadn’t moved since she stood in the center of the blackened room. She’d taken no pills or drinks. No mysterious fog or vapor filled the small quiet room. Yet, she felt out-of-sorts. Continue reading

A Vexing Hex read the ad and a burst of incredulous laughter kicked out of her gut.

“Ridiculous,” she said to Simon, her 13-year-old cat, the only one around who listened.

She turned the newspaper page. Page 8 held her interest for barely a second before she ruffled pages and returned to the ad.spells, hexes, Halloween

Hell’s Spells

Dark Moon Ritual 10/30

Curse Away Your Trouble

Call Now! 415-383-xxxx.

Private Consultation & Custom Spells Available

Carefully Joyce read each word out loud as if expecting Simon to remark. When he only blinked his yellowed eyes, as if saying he’d seen it all, Joyce picked up the phone and dialed. Continue reading