I see her hips move

Swinging back and forth to the music

I think she’s lonely, standing there,

In front of a pretty man named Dick Clark

Swinging her arms back and forth

Steam swaying over the long flat board

Clothes smelling freshly flattened

I want to dance with the fun people

On the TV, but there is no room

For fun, with the iron, and the board

And my mother, swinging her hips

And sighing, as loud as the iron hisses.

2 thoughts on “1955

  1. You are absolutely correct – I loved Dick clark – and dancing is definitely much better than ironing – BUT it was the 60s – love your mom


  2. Wow that brings back memories – “stay away from the iron!” And Dick Clark –
    I thought those kids dancing were so old and someday when I was that old maybe I could also dance on Dick Clark’s show.


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