Fluffing My Aura

aura, yogaJune is a happy month for my family. But it’s also a month that I need to fluff my aura a lot.


Until a few months ago, I never knew about the joy of fluffing. Sure, I’m a yoga-believer. I try to meditate once in a while, and during my long walks, I definitely find myself in a “different mind-space” at times.


But normally, I’m as stressed as the last (and first) person. Life, you know? It springs surprises and quirks, leaps and jerks, every day. Sometimes, I just want to hide under a good book and escape – but most times I’m unable to get away from the hustle/bustle of daily irritations, situations, and difficult deliberations.yoga, warrior pose, aura


But while in the middle of the warrior pose during one of my get-away-from-the-grind (for 60 minutes) yoga classes, a new instructor began fluttering her arms from her chest to above her head, as if she was a ballet dancer in the middle of performing Swan Lake. She seemed to be fluffing invisible “wings” up and about.


We five yogic warriors ended our pose, staring at her in incomprehension. Our expressions were quite readable (ie, “what the hell is she doing?”)


The tall, reed-thin, attractive woman laughed lightly and said, “It’s been one of those days. I’m sorry, I need to get rid of the bad vibes. Start anew. You know – fluff my aura.”


Well, we didn’t know, but the more she talked about it (and fluffed) the more we all became converts, and by the end of the class, we were fluffing our auras, dispensing with the dark and inviting in the light and the bright.

You may laugh at me, but I felt a great deal better when I returned to the rest of my day.


leaping for joy,

My granddaughter fluffs her aura
from the feet up.

So, now it’s June, when I celebrate so many birthdays that my aura begins to collapse. My son was born on June 4, my daughter on June 10. Our special angel dog, Henry, was a June 15 puppy, and two of my grandsons turn 5 and 4 on June 15 and June 27. Oh, and then my guy and I commemorate our anniversary on June 30.


Why, you ask, is fluffing needed?

family, baby, parenting, birth

Me and my first born –
35 years ago!


LIFE SWINGS BY TOO FAST! It was only yesterday that I felt my first child lifted out of my womb (thanks to a fast-thinking surgeon) perfectly formed and just perfect, lying in my arms within seconds and melding my soul into hers for all time.


She turns 35 in a week.


My aura dims.


For 13 years the family celebrated Henry’s birth with an extra rump rub, a small tub of doggie ice cream, and a long walk where he was allowed to sniff for as long as he wanted.

Henry's aura still shines.

Henry’s aura still shines.

We miss him, gone now for three months, although his favorite toy is discovered mysteriously in different corners of the house every so often. I believe he is fluffing our aura.


time, past, present, futureBirthdays and anniversaries are joyous occasions, but they also make us stop and think about the past, the present, and the future. We begin to stress: (did I do enough in the past? am I doing the best I can in the present? how much future do I have?).


That’s when I need to start fluffing my aura.


Will you join me? The more we fluff, the stronger the light.


45 thoughts on “Fluffing My Aura

  1. I could do with a bit of aura fluffing right now, sounds great! And I love the image of fluffing invisible wings, to get the dust out and prepare them for flight perhaps. Thanks for this Pam – I’m now going to have a fabulous fluff of a day! Enjoy this birthday feast of a month! Hugs, Harula xxxx


  2. I’m fluffling! But I think I look more like someone doing the chicken dance. My baby is 34…where does the time go??


  3. Woke up and read this in bed! Loved it! I just might try flufing my aura. Just the thought of doing it makes me laugh. Good way to start my day. Happy Friday Pam. 🙂


  4. Part of me says I am too sad to fluff. Part of me is screaming YES FLUFF@$*^! Some of me looks at both parts and states that this is not how it works in either case. Thinking now about long distance friend who would light a candle FOR me and flip my arms up and about until I felt it and the body and the mind went along because it felt good.


  5. Hi Pam- Fluffing. School is almost out- oldest will be a junior in the fall. How am I paying for that college education? Youngest about to be a freshman and asked a girl to the dance. Where does the time take us when we are busy with other “things” Am I present? Can I stay there so I don’t miss all of this? And regret? I think fluffing is a great Idea. Still think of you and love these posts!


    • If anything, you need fluffing even MORE these next few years, to help you help your little birds as they begin to fluff out of your nest. I understand what you’re saying: it’s so hard to be ‘present’ when we’re so busy, and believe me, it all DOES go by too fast.


  6. My yoga instruction has a saying for the end of class, “The light in me bows to the light in you. Namaste.” I’ll change that to “The fluff in me bows to the fluff in you.” Thanks for the smile. 🙂


  7. What’s the betting 50% of your readers tried ‘fluffing’ while reading this Pam? I did. Like doing that pointing thing when ‘Dancing Queen’ comes on the radio 🙂


  8. The “Easter Bunny” on that memorable day could have used some fluffing and definitely a better “aura”. I recall being more concerned about what people would think of me rather than what the kids might enjoy. My “ego” and “fluffing” are not compatible. Need some work on that. Thanks for reminding me that fluffing my aura is a good way to get “right sized”. My daughter fluff’s all the time and she is an outstanding teacher; so there is some hope. Is fluffing one’s aura genetically predisposed; or are we stuck with what we’ve got ?


    • Maybe you don’t realize what a wonderful fluffy Easter Bunny you were! I certainly appreciated it. Yes, fluffing helps tamp down the ego, and yes, EVERYONE can fluff their aura. Even Easter bunnies.


  9. When my kids were little and were having a bad day, I’d tell them to throw their arms out and spin, yelling at the tops of their lungs, “Go away, yuckies! Go away!” Then we’d sprint to the door (or open window) and blow as haaaard as we could. We called it The Yucky Dance, and there’d always be giggles by the time we’d get finished. And yep, I’d join in, too. 😉


    • I LOVE THIS IDEA!!! Go away yuckies, indeed. Your motherly lesson will stay with your children, and help them, throughout their lives. I shall fluff my aura AND dispense with the yuckies form now on.


  10. Pam, I love the idea of fluffing your aura! There’s a scene in the movie GARDEN STATE where Natalie Portman does a little “fluffing” of her own. Sam, her character, explains, “Do you know what I do when I feel completely unoriginal? I make a noise, or I do something that no one has ever done before. And then I can feel unique again, even if it’s only for a second.” I think of this scene often. It’s a reminder to get out an “do you” even when I can’t control the mess of circumstances I might find myself in. Thanks for the post!

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    • Oh, I love this! YES, I like to ‘do me’ everywhere, like standing in the tree position while waiting in the grocery line, or doing a little tap step approaching a neighbor. May we both always ‘BE US’ every moment of every day. Thanks so much for stopping by here!

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  11. I just attended my first Qi Gong class. Interestingly enough because we are made up of energy , and it’s ALL about energy isn’t it? this kind of movement ( call it fluffing or whatever one likes 🙂 ) does serves a purpose of moving energy – literally! One can also make hand movements so as to be “opening ones heart”, for example, which in fact has impact on how we feel, act, move and react. Even our thoughts alone impact how we move feel and react. So fluff away, because Scientifically ….it works!


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    • I’m thrilled that you found my “Aura” post, Peta. You of all people certainly understand the power of the energy fluff. I’m excited because I’ve just begun reading the book ENERGY MEDICINE: Balancing Your Body’s Energies for Optimal Health, Joy, and Vitality, and I’m meeting an energy medicine practitioner next week. Looking forward to learning more about how we can use our own energy to heal ourselves, and others.


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