Creating a Writerly Web

spider, web, writingI stare.

I sigh.

I pick up my glass of iced tea and swallow.


My hips twist as I sit in the chair, the one in front of the computer.

The computer where I’m typing the new chapter.

The new chapter where my character Gregory gets caught in a web of…

Damn, I don’t know what. But I know I’m caught in my own web of dis-connect. I need to connect the words and lines and sentences and paragraphs of this story link.write, writing desk, creative

My head snaps up to the artwork hanging on the right hand wall of my home office. The wall that’s three feet away from me and my computer and my non-webbed writing.

The Holy Palace web – that’s what I need.

My eyes light on the twists and turns of the reds, yellows, purples, greens, blues, oranges of the Kabbalah design.

Holy Palace, Kabbalah, David Friedman

Holy Palace, David Friedman

A genius drew this design. A spiritual genius who works in a tiny room down a narrow alley in a small Israeli village.

He’s famously unknown except by those who have been caught into his spiritual universal drawings of webbed, interconnecting colorful lines.

Lines that mesmerize the mind toward the inward, then the outward, as we all seek the idea of infinity.

Aha! Gregory is in a web of his own deceit. His secrets have dug him into a hole of discontent.

Now, he needs to open and rejoin the lines of friendship and loves, of truth and dare.

I thank the painting hanging on my writing wall, and I begin to click the keys on my keyboard.

My writing web is growing….

The Right Wrong Man, Pamela S. Wight

Gregory’s first adventures are found in my book THE RIGHT WRONG MAN, in which he disappears. The sequel I’m working on now follows him…more forthcoming as my webbed writing continues and his story unfolds…





46 thoughts on “Creating a Writerly Web

  1. Aha, so if Gregory has dug himself into a hole of his own deceit then I hope you’ve just been handed the spade with which he can extricate himself. Our characters only make life harder for us when they start fooling themselves.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx


  2. We all need something in our writing cave we can focus on to give us new direction, whether it be a window, a picture, a quote. Looks like you have yours in that lovely artwork.


  3. I have always thought that our creative muses would prefer to be courted rather than confronted. It’s when I release any semblance of control and just offer myself up at her mercy that she blesses me with a plethora of wonderful ideas 😉 Congrats Pamela and best wishes for you – and Gregory 🙂


  4. Love that painting, Pamela. Shapes and color do loosen the mind. Bravo, you have such a fantastic painting to get you out of a corner, or web, or buried underground. Bravo 😀
    I’m stuck in a web right now and can shake loose, but it will come as soon as I stop thinking about it.


    • Our webbed writing can cause a jumbled web within our minds, I know. Sometimes I think of it as a necklace that’s gotten all knotted. Working out the knot slowly, painstakingly, is like working out that novel. Enjoy your summer break, and I hope all of your necklaces get straightened out.


  5. It’s lovely to have something intricate to focus on while you’re writing (actually – when you’re THINKING about writing which something I do a lot) 😉


  6. I so admire how you write and seem to never have much of a problem creating a post for your blog or for you novels. Pure genius. And I really like the picture that gave you inspiration. Another genius!


    • THANK YOU so much for that encouragement. When I really just ‘let go’ of my mind and allow the web of creativity to enter my fingers at the keyboard, I have no shortage of words or stories. Ever. My saving grace! 🙂

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  7. I also admire the way you write and your wonderful ideas for your posts. They are genius, entertaining, thought provoking and fun. Thank you and hugs.


  8. Glad the web you’re weaving is coming together with the help of your art. I can struggle and struggle at times. Other times the writing just comes. As you noted, I think letting go helps. Thanks for sharing your writerly web. 🙂


  9. I love that- how your writing process got kicked into gear by allowing yourself to tune in for a moment in other ways beyond the actual act of writing. I find I get some of my best ideas while walking down grocery store aisles. The creative process is always in process in my experience.

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    • I’m waiting waiting waiting for Gregory to inspire me. Hmmm, maybe I’m looking at the picture a bit TOO long. 🙂 Better close my eyes and just type. He’s in the middle now of trying to figure out if he’s in love. ❤


  10. I liked your beautiful and intricate designed art, Pam. It is great how it inspired you.
    When I go out and about my small town or at work, short essays pop into my mind. Thank you for liking my loosely written poetry style, Pam. I wrote a murder mystery book but it is on paper and never made it to the fine tuning level. (Someday when life is not so busy, i tell myself 🙂
    My interest is someday to get my children’s books with watercolor drawings put into the world. I have 4 completed (sent out in those SASE’s in late 90’s) but have used them as little stapled pamphlets in church, 4 H club and a battered shelter. I am inspired by your success and follow-up persistence, Pam!


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