The Spirit Speaks

hand, spirit, writingNo one ever told me that hands become gnarly after too much time in the sun.

My hands are as gnarly as the bark on an old oak tree.

But, at least they’re sun-kissed – the color of a beige antique car.

My hands soar when a story strives to alight from my funny, surprising brain, a brain that is awash with jangled memories and silly jokes, serious worries and spurts of light-filled love. Continue reading


mystic, mystical, spiritual
Life is mystical – if we allow it to be.
Close your eyes and take away what you see, or what you think you see.

Hawaii, Kauai, sun, mystical, palm trees
Allow the mist to cover the noise and the squalor of untruths.
Untruth – we have control over nature or people or our fate.
Fate – is that not an issue of the supernatural, of what is meant to be?
What are YOU meant to be?
Close your eyes and let go.

mystial, palm trees, shadow
Let the mystic in you see the unseen.
No clarity, no right or left
No wrong or bad
No mine or yours

rainbow, Hawaii, Kauai, palm trees, spiritual


Then the light  shines through

       the mist.

And you see

        what is.

mystical, sun, light, Hawaii, spiritual