Summertime Tub Reading

bathtub, reading, bubble bathI secretly enjoy reading in the bathtub.All the Light We Cannot See, reading

I escape, undetected, as the hot steamy water begins to fill the tub.

All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr

As I squeeze some lavender bath foam into the spray of water, I light the small candle hiding in the corner of the large, deep tub.

            Orphan Train, Christina Baker KlineOrphan Train, reading

Softly, I close the door and sink with a huge sigh of escape.

             The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins The Girl on the Train, reading

My tall glass of iced tea awaits me on the ledge, alongside the newest book I’m reading.

Plan B, reading           Plan B, Jonathan Trooper

The lavender bubbles surround me in their soft scent as I lean against a dry fluffy towel and open the heavy hardback (or, in some cases, the lighter Kindle).

                          The Beginner’s Goodbye,by Ann Tyler The Beginner's Goodbye, reading

Before I know it, I hear activity in the hallway. Someone is calling my name. I’ve been missed. Shoot! I’ve only just begun.

A Fall of Marigolds, reading          A Fall of Marigolds, by Susan Meissner

But then I peer at the clock on the bathroom counter and realize I’ve been reading, and soaking, for 45 minutes.The Long Way Home, reading

               The Long Way Home by Louise Penny

Shhhhhhhhhhhh, it’s a secret!

The Rosie Project, reading      The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion


I’m Leaving Time — Don’t tell anyone where I am!

Leaving Time, reading

I’ve listed the books I’ve enjoyed the most this summer. Read and Enjoy!



74 thoughts on “Summertime Tub Reading

    • Well, since you’re back in Spain, I guess my secret is safe. I just kind of ‘found’ this Ann Tyler – hadn’t heard of it either. A typical book by her – well-written, quirky characters that you end up liking, a ‘light’ story that ends up running deep. I liked it.


    • Good point. I can be really engrossed in a scene, and then I just use my big toe (so I don’t have to let go of the book) to pull the faucet open and add some more hot water.
      Hope you can soak up some books too sometime, my blogging friend. xoxoxwarmwethugxoxoxo


  1. What a lovely way to share your list of recently enjoyed books! I can only dream of getting through so many books. I’m such a slow reader! But one thing that piqued my interest here – previously we discovered that you and I were fellow spinach-lovers, and now…could it be? Are we both lavender-lovers too? Oh please tell me that lavender wasn’t just a random fragrance choice for the post!


    • Ahh, yes. A long warm bath sooths our physical as well as emotional aches.. And a good read, along with the bath, sooths our brain.
      I loved every book on this list except, perhaps, The Girl on a Train. That one was too creepy for me (in that the characters were so sad and soul-less).


    • I slogged through All the Light We Cannot See at times – so much detail. But I kept with it because so many loved the book, and I admit the characters stayed with me long after I finished reading. The Rosie Project? ❤ Warm, funny, loving, and accepting of different kinds of personalities. I can't wait to read the sequel (in my Kindle waiting…)


  2. Ok… making a new book list! YAH! Thanks Pamela! I have read a couple of these. “The Girl on the Train” was interesting and we read “The Orphan Train” in our book club. I have heard of “A Fall of Marigolds” but haven’t read that one. I hope you enjoyed your bath! 😀


    • Just about to start a weekend tubbie with the new book by Kristin Hannah, The Nightingale. I find some of my best reads by listening to friends’ favorable reviews. A walking buddy led me to A Fall of Marigolds, and it was a fabulous book. Glad you like my new book list – hope you try one of these!

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  3. I used to love reading in the tub…until my knees started giving me a fit and getting out became a major production. But still, this is a marvelous list, and some of them are unfamiliar. It’s almost as much fun looking them up and reading about them as actually reading the books. Clearly, these would also be great beach books!

    I loved ALL THE LIGHT WE CANNOT SEE — listened to audio version narrated by the author. Marvelous! THE ROSIE PROJECT was a delight! Now I’m off to explore the others.


    • So sorry about your inability to take baths now. Your knees would thank you during the soft soak – if only there was an easy way to jump out.
      Have you read any of Louise Penny’s mysteries yet? If not, start with her first one – Still Life – and move up through the series. The characters remain in each book, and the novels are more about the complex people than the mystery. Her writing astounds me.


  4. Lavender is my favorite fragrance and I add some to my bath water along with Epsom salt. Great for aches and pains. I have to limit my soaking otherwise my skin shrivels like a dry potato.


    • Uh oh, I better look out for any potato skin – après soak. :-0 I’m hoping the lavender oil helps. I was waiting for you to include a recipe for lavender cookies, or lavender fudge, or some such thing. ❤


  5. Lavendar sounds lovely, such a relaxing scent, Pam. I read the Rosie book, the Girl on the Train and the Orphan Train. All are excellent. I have not decided if I wish to read the second Rosie book but interested in that Graeme Simsion tells it in the hubby’s “voice.” I need to get this Ann Tyler book, she has fun with her stories and I like the way she writes.
    I used to love baths but my legs get too dry and peel. I like sitting up in bed with a pillow in my lap and reading. 🙂 Hope you get a longer relaxing and reading tub time soon!


    • In my CA yard we had lavender planted along the hillside, and it smelled so delicious when I returned home from a long day’s work. Lavender sooths, no doubt about it.
      Yes, I’d recommend the Ann Tyler book – it seems like a light, small read, but ends up being so much more.
      You and I must have similar reading tastes. Wonderful.


      • Oh, having it close by would be so heavenly in scent and attractive flowers, too. Did you ever cut a huge bunch and put it in a large vase? Lavender would make our air quality and mood improve, Pam.


  6. I’ve got “All the Light We Cannot See” by Anthony Doerr on my want-to-read list. Did you like it? Your reading nook sounds very relaxing – I’d be worried I would fall asleep in the tub while reading, perhaps because I read myself to sleep every night…


    • I’m proud to say I’ve never fallen asleep in the tub. Thus, I have more success reading in the bath than reading in bed, for sure! 🙂
      I did not find All the Light an easy (or fast) book to read. But the writing is spectacular, the story sad and realistic, the characters have still not left me.


  7. Used to read in the tub but I was always getting the books wet or (horrors!) dropping them in the water, probably while trying to juggle a glass of wine. I’m reading All the Light We Cannot See now! Can I send you one of my books to read in the tub? You can get it wet!


    • I’d love to read one of your books in the tub. Which one do you recommend I start with? I have never ever gotten a book wet yet (I say with great pride). But I don’t allow myself wine with my soak, just for that reason. On the other hand, wine and a slow sweet soak sounds like a fabulous idea. 🙂


  8. Funny that I have read the first three books in your list 😉 Summer time, winter time – heck, anytime is a good time for reading! Although, I prefer curling up in a comfy chair that envelops me accompanied by a soft reading light and the gentle pitter-patter of rain outside 😉


    • How neat that we have similar tastes in reading material. I think you might enjoy Jonathan Trooper books – might help you in deciding the genre you want to delve into…!
      As far as your favorite reading setting- I couldn’t agree with you more. In my case, though, during the winter it’s snow falling softly outside the window as I sit in front of the fire.

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      • Thanks Pamela, I feel as though I am honing in on my genre of choice through experimentation with the familiar and unfamiliar 🙂 I will definitely check out your recommendation once I finish my current series (my 12 yr old son has me reading the Hunger Games series) 🙂

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  9. I used to read in the bath more before I got my Kindle. I’m rather klutzy, so the chances of me dropping the thing in the water are quite substantial.

    Lately I’ve been back to print, but they’re from the library. Wonder how many wet books libraries receive from bath readers! 🙂


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