I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for …

ice cream cone, mint chocolate chipRemember those ole Rorschach tests? The ones that psychologists placed in front of you and said, “describe what you see,” and by that, they determined your personality?Rorschach test, inkspot, personality

Well, I have discovered a better, more “tasty” personality test.

On a blustery coolish fall day, my guy and I stand in line at a quintessential New England ice cream stand.Kimball's, ice cream stand, Carlisle MA

A long line.

Hurricane-induced winds and the need for a hood and warm jacket are not enough to stop any New Englander from getting her/his ice cream.

I take advantage of the time to peruse the many, many flavors.

And that’s when it hit me.

The ice cream we choose says volumes about who we are, what we like, and maybe even with whom we’re compatible (or not).ice cream flavors, mint chocolate chip, cherry vanilla

I think I’ve discovered a new (better) Rorschach test!

For instance, a person who selects mint chocolate chip is sweet, loves the holidays (particularly Christmas), tries out something new if it isn’t too edgy, and walks, never runs.

Those who order Moo Tracks are innovative, button-pushers, creative, and suffer from no allergies.

I’d steer clear of the grapenut ice cream eaters. They tend to hold back their emotions, cheat in relationships, and play a mean game of handball.

The ones who order Chocolate Chocolate Truffle are passionate and prefer careers in education; their favorite season is winter (wonderful skiers), yet they perform great cannonballs off diving boards at summertime pools.

I imagine that therapists advise clients who enjoy heath bar crunch to never date a cherry vanilla chip lover – for good and obvious reasons.

By the time I approach the window and the teenage-server, I have all the flavors figured out except for orange pineapple, frozen pudding, and maple walnut.

Well, maple walnut scares me, as does anyone who orders a cone or cup of it.

Even if they top it with hot fudge.

I’m totally unsurprised when my guy orders pistachio nut. Of course.

Then I order my personality, oops, I mean my flavor.

Can you guess what it is?

And do you dare tell me what ice cream licks your fancy?

88 thoughts on “I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for …

  1. This is interesting. I order something different every time. What does that say about me other than I like variety. I do like maple walnut because it reminds me of my youth. (maybe I am scary too) Not sure what yours would be, something romantic like French Vanilla.


  2. I am in a family where two of us always order exactly the same ice cream each time and two of us something different each time. What do you do with those who do not settle on one.. adventurous, restless, fickle, conflicted, daring? Actually, now, ice cream is just a distant dream in the past for two of us… Ahhhh…..


  3. Ice Cream is also in my past, but in my prediabetic life I loved butter pecan or pineapple or coffee – which is weird because I don’t drink coffee except in milkshake form! In recent years I gravitated towarsd dulce de leche….I would guess you like someting chocolate…..chocolate marshmallow or maybe the mint chocolate chip you described, Rocky Road?
    We had a golden with a brain tumor who didn’t want to eat and the only thing she really seemed to enjoy was black cherry ice cream….I haven’t been able to touch it all these years since then.


  4. Well Coffee Heath Bar Crunch used to be my favourite flavour Ben and Jerry’s, but you can’t get that flavour over here, so if I was at that particular establishment of yours, I would probably go for the Coffee Heath Bar to see how it compares. If not that, then I might go for Buttercrunch or Pistachio. I think you might go for Butter Pecan, unless the reason you are scared of Maple Walnut is because you are scared of nuts in general, in which I think you might go for just a straightforward chocolate.


    • Mint chocolate chip used to be my favorite flavor. I used to run too, but now I walk.👣 Chocolate chocolate truffle is a good guess and I wish it was my favorite flavor-it sounds so romantic. But it’s just too much chocolate for me, which is hard to believe since there can never be too much chocolate! 💜

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  5. I never order the same flavor and always get a split cup with 2 flavors. Anything with chocolate, coconut or peanut butter usually top the list but I’ve never met an ice cream flavor I didn’t like. 🙂 My guess for you is mocha chip or some other chocolate based ice cream. And, yes, it’s okay to eat year round!


  6. Ice cream? Did someone say ice cream?

    I like vanilla or chocolate with chocolate caramel pieces in it or brownie bits. Or peanut butter cup bits. But no nuts. Never any nuts. Wonder what that says about me…

    Cute post!


  7. Some variety there Pam. Reminds me of Henley Ices in the Warwickshire town of Henley-in-Arden (England.) I remember it as a child in the 60s and indeed it’s been trading from the same premises since 1934. Always has some interesting new flavours.


  8. I tend to order vanilla, but sometimes whatever flavor appeals (that changes). I found that with vanilla I can add other things like – nuts, cookies, piece of pie, cake, brownie, candy bar, etc.


  9. Hmmm, here you go again. Teasing your followers brains. Actually this is brilliant and I’ve now learned of many flavors that I’d not heard of before.

    I have not the foggiest idea of what is your favorite flavor But it surely is good that you have such a variety from which to choose.

    When I could tolerate sugar and dairy until about 7 years ago (really much longer) I ate sugary foods anyhow and then felt sick) I didn’t visit an ice cream store. I bought Vanilla Bean by a company that made quality ice cream. Now I don’t go down that aisle at the grocery store and also avoid the candy and cookie aisle.

    I’m not diabetic. It’s an allergy problem and I’ve adjusted. And I crave sugary foods but eat lots of fruit that helps ease the cravings.


  10. Pamela – The question makes me a little uneasy. I don’t know what I might be walking into by guessing your ice cream flavor. Put me down for the one that indicates reasonableness and good nature.

    As for my ice cream favorite, strawberry or vanilla with good fresh strawberries. But what does it say if also enjoy others – chocolate, vanilla with blueberries, cherry vanilla…?

    Ice cream? Sure. What do you have?


    • Reasonableness and good nature = sounds too vanilla to me! 🙂 But I understand your stepping lightly on a person’s personality. I would not guess vanilla for you, but yes, with a dozen fresh strawberries on top? Exactly your personality – practical and logical on the bottom, but lots of natural inquisitiveness on top.
      If you dropped by right now, I have Black Raspberry Chip. Saved some for you!


    • I absolutely adore lemon, but have never seen lemon ice cream. (Unless you mean you squeeze some lemon juice on your vanilla ice cream, but I can’t imagine that!). Lemon sorbet is the closest I’ve come, and that with chocolate sauce on top squeezes my lemon, so to speak. 🙂 I’ve not met you in person, but from what I know through our blogging friendship, you’re ALL sweet, no sour.

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  11. I nearly said rocky road, but of course that would be describing my lifestyle and not my personality. I think my actual favorite is probably caramel ribbon. I hope I don’t now find out this makes me a mad axe murderer or something.


  12. Choosing ice cream is like choosing a vacation spot. I want to explore a new place; and I want to revisit a place I loved before. Such a hard choice. My son-in-law always chooses mint chocolate chip–which I love. But what about maple walnut, mocha almond, heathbar crunch, strawberry (if it’s made from fresh strawberries), butter pecan, and all the varieties of blueberry, raspberry and decadent chocolate that aren’t on the list?

    I take it your Rorschach test is tongue in cheek. My mint-chip-loving son-in-law is a big runner. After six or seven miles, he barely breaks a sweat.


    • Now that’s a fabulous metaphor/simile – choosing an ice cream is like choosing a vacation. I must admit, now that we’ve found the perfect vacation spot, my guy and I go there every year! Yikes, what’s that say about us? Come to think about it, he does order the same ice cream every time. But I like your ability to try out new flavors. Then again, I like your son-in-law’s ability to eat mint chocolate chip and still be a runner! 🙂


  13. Love this post! Does that store stay open in the winter?

    Orange-pineapple sounds delicious! I wonder if it has little bits of pineapple in it? It’s been 95-100 degrees here all week and that flavor seems appropriate. I’m going grocery shopping in a little while. Guess what I’ve added to the list?


    • Unfortunately, this little village ice cream stand closes by mid-October. For some reason, the ‘hearty’ New Englanders don’t want to trudge through 3 feet of snow to stand in line for ICE cream. Instead, they walk outside their door, scrape up a bowl of snow, and squeeze some chocolate sauce on in front of the fireplace. But Yankees are known for their thriftiness.
      Let me know if you ever find any orange-pineapple ice cream. I think it’s definitely a ‘specialty’ flavor.


  14. Mine is olive with goat cheese ice cream these days- unless I’m in the Philippines and then it’s cheese ice cream. All his ice cream talk is making me hungry. I think my choice would say about me is that once I like something I keep ordering it over and over and am reluctant to mix it up.


  15. I like plain, REAL, vanilla. With chocolate sauce. Yeah. Chocolate sauce. Oh, and crushed peanuts. Oh wait. Add a little marshmallow sauce. We used to call that a CMP. Chocolate, marshmallow, peanuts.


    • Wait. Really? I think that may be my new perfect ice cream bowl too: vanilla with chocolate sauce (well, actually hot fudge please), a dollop of marshmallow sauce and a few peanuts. Wow. Can you/we get that in DE?


  16. When I eat ice cream, I like to taste ice cream. No cherries, chocolate, pecan, pistachio, banana, or anything else. I love ice cream. I love ice and cream. Can you believe it? Usually, it comes with vanilla flavor, and that’s what I it. Plain and simple.

    If I want cherries, I eat cherries. If I want chocolate, I eat chocolate. But there is something pure and wonderful about just plain tasting milky creamy flavor of ice cream by itself.

    What’s my Rorschach score?



  17. I like all kinds of flavors and rarely order the same thing twice. Does that mean I have a personality disorder? 😉 Come to think off it, those ink blots all reminded me of — blobs of ink!


    • Hmmm, I’m a bit confused here. I know you’re creative (thus the need to mix things up in your ice cream flavors), but you must have a literal, practical side also, since you only see the ‘blobs’ for what they are — blobs.


    • YOU DON’T LIKE ICE CREAM?????? David, David, David. You need to catch a flight – fast – over here and try some at this New England ice cream stand. THEN, try and tell me you don’t care for ice cream.
      Yes, I need some chocolate in my ice cream, always….!! 🙂


  18. Well according to your list, the mint chocolate chip best describes me in personality, although my favorite would be the chocolate, chocolate truffle. However, I HATE winter! (I rarely use that word) and I don’t swim unless it is 100 degrees in the shade! LOL! My degree major was psychology… but I love to teach. So I guess that part is correct! 😀


  19. That’s too cute…and interesting. My dad only ever ate strawberry ice cream, so it’s the last flavor I choose—that’s all we had in the house when I was a kid.

    I like to experiment, an easy thing to do with all of the outlandish flavors ice cream places here (like Salt & Straw) feed us in Portland. But I love a plain ole vanilla milkshake on a hot summer day. It’s magical.


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