Book Promo – Birds of Paradise, by Pam Wight…

I’m thrilled to be invited to speak about my LOCAL creation on Chris the Reading Ape’s blog.

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

Thirty five years ago, I wrote a wonderful bird’s tale. About a bird who almost lost his tail.

Beta readers, university professors, parents of young children all loved my book about Bert and Bessie, two birds who needed to find each other to find themselves.

Then, “life happened.”

My second child was born soon after I created the story.

I moved from one coast to the other. But during that time, several of my former college friends read the copy and encouraged me to “get it published!”

One of my closest friends gave my story to his girlfriend, Shelley, who was a freelance artist. She fell so in love with Bert and Bessie that she brought them to pen-and-ink life in a few illustrations, sending them to me with a three-word note: “Let’s Do This!”

Life” continued to happen. I placed Shelley’s gorgeous drawings and my story in the…

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21 thoughts on “Book Promo – Birds of Paradise, by Pam Wight…

  1. It sounds like a cute story! I plan to buy it to read to my grandkids. Congrats to you, Pam, on having this dream come true!

  2. Congratulations, Pam. I loved reading the story of your picture book, Pam. I look forward to adding the story of Bert and Bessie to my collection. Persistence, patience, and a wonderful manuscript win hands down. 🙂

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