ABC Thriller

Alyson jumped over the wall. But I knew better.

Carefully, I unlatched the lock at the nearby gate.

Decidedly easier,” I mumbled to myself. Even though Alyson was lying on the ground moaning, I kept walking. Frankly, my best friend was a bit of an actress, and I’d learned over the years to ignore her drama.

Gathering courage, I set my shoulders back and forged ahead.

Hey,” Alyson shouted, “wait up!”

Inordinately patient, I sighed and stopped. Just between you and me, I was in much better shape than Alyson. Kept myself limber with running, yoga, and lots of vegetables. Luckily, good genes were on my side too.  Much to Alyson’s displeasure, as she aged, she took after her father’s sister, who suffered from gout and arthritic knees. Neither Alyson nor I discussed the difference in our physicality, of course.

Open the front door!” Alyson shouted to me now as we approached the entrance to the massive mansion.

Please, you first,” I answered politely, “since it’s your ex-husband’s house.”

Queenly, she didn’t bolt.

Right now, I wanted to.

Standing firmly and using both hands, Alyson pushed the huge brass knob, and the door opened with a creak. Then, she pushed me through the entryway.

Until then, I had always thought that Alyson was a timid woman, even though she married a criminal.

Very funny!” I yelled at her.

Whispering, she begged, “shhhh, not so loud!”

Xenial host would never characterize Alyson’s hard-edged heartless former husband, so the eerie music that suddenly began to fill every corner of the colossal chateau put me on edge.

Your creepy ex is playing us again…” I began.

Zounds!” was all I heard from Alyson when the front door slammed shut firmly behind us.


creative writing, flash fiction

Creative writing fun: create a story starting each line with the next letter of the alphabet.

121 thoughts on “ABC Thriller

  1. A real fun ride, Pam! Basically, I thought it was going to be an ABC TV program. Commercial filled—of course. Devoid of a real plot line. Egads you surprised me!!! Flawlessly crafted it was. Genuinely believable! Honestly—I really enjoyed it!! Ingenious—so thanks!
    Joyfully bidding you goodnight!!😴🌙

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kindhearted is a word I always use to describe you, Pat. Maybe, though, my first word to describe you should be imaginative. Not only are you beautiful, delightful, and funny, but you have creativity in every bone of your body. Oh, how sorry I am that you live on the other side of the country. Perhaps you’ll be able to come visit me sooner rather than later. Quite selfishly, I hope that will be the case. Respectfully yours, Pam. 💙💜


  2. I think you had way too much fun with this, Pam! 🙂 Very clever, and well-done.
    Sorry about your lack of Internet from the latest nor’easter. The snow was really coming down here for a while.


    • I just saw your share on Twitter. Thank you Merril! I can’t believe how isolated we learn that we are when we can’t get on our computers or phones. Even our TVs are not working! I’m waiting for a policeman to come knock on my window asking me why I am sitting in the middle of a parking lot. My question will be-how come I can get online here and not at home or at my local Starbucks?? 🙄 yes, I saw how much snow you all got. Very unusual for your area and I think may have broken records. Here we got about a foot but it’s so heavy it has knocked down many trees and therefore many power lines. Cheers!

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  3. Q, X and Z! Not easy letters to make good words with that fit the context, but you did! I bet that was harder than scrabble. Such a clever story ~ your posts are always well written, but in addition there is often some added unique quirky characteristic, that is very you!



  4. I have always been impressed with your story writing skills. I tried to comment on your last story about driving with your mom. I loved it but I couldn’t make a comment. Let’s hope this one works.

    Liked by 1 person

    • ❤ I always love your comments!! Hoping to make your cherry cake this weekend if the grocery store's power stays on. Crazy NE weather. May you have a beautiful peaceful weekend in your perfect location.


    • You know what? I cherish the time I had at Lycoming, and all I learned. Particularly through the English department. I gained confidence in my writing and reading there, as I suspect you did also. Hope you enjoy The Right Wrong Man when you get to it. It’s a page-turner, so should be a fast read. 🙂


    • Haha. I know, the eerie music kind of says it all, doesn’t it. When racing through this creative writing exercise (I gave myself 10 minutes) it was surprising to see what words popped out of my brain for a particular alphabet letter. Zounds – amazing! xo


    • Haha. Don’t Ex out the X, Marian! Xenial is used so little, yet really, these days, we could use with a lot more xenial people. Fortunately, all the bloggers I’ve met here, like you, are xenial and intelligent and beautiful people. xoxox ❤


    • I must admit, it was so much fun giving the ABC exercise at that Wordshark Retreat. The enthusiasm was contagious. It’s a great challenge for all creative writers. Glad to know you’re using it on your retreats. Hooray! xo


  5. Great fun with the alphabet Pam…I definitely would have been peeking around the corner to make sure it was safe to go in that Mansion. Here’s to brave woman everywhere.

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  6. That was so much fun, what a clever idea! Maybe a prompt I could borrow!? 🙂 And very well realised dear Pam. I want more now though. Was he a musician, her ex, aswell as a criminal? And I love the way you’ve introduced these two women, I’d like to read more about them and their friendship. Blessings, Harula xx


    • Oh my gosh, yes, yes, use the prompt – I’ve certainly ‘borrowed’ a number of yours! 🙂 My writing students sigh and moan with this ABC challenge, but once they get started, they love it.
      Good questions about ‘the rest of the story’ I suppose I’d have to continue with another ABC to find out the answers… xo


  7. Well my goodness, have never heard kind of prompt before. You done well! Xenial host and Zounds! Did you know what words you would use before you got there, or did the story reveal them to you? Inquiring minds want to know.

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    • Hi Kathy! I had NO IDEA what words would spout forth as I wrote this story. But then again, I had no idea what would unfold as I followed my ABC’s. That’s the beauty of fast fiction – no time to think!
      You have a very wonderful inquiring mind… xo

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  8. I love having to write within constraints. The crazier the better. I love that you create these constraints for yourself, or hide games in your writing and the like.

    And “xenial” … nice play.

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