The Princess of Endoplactum

waterlogue, yoga, sitting poseMy name is Pamela, and I am a middle-aged woman.

I’m not always middle-aged, and I’m not always a woman.

I never told my family this, but once, long ago and yet still now (on the time spectrum that surrounds us, even though most refuse to see it), I am the princess of an enchanted island.

You may say that I speak falsely, since I stated that I’m not always a woman. A princess is female, true, but in our other world, the one of Endoplactum, we are not woman or man, girl or boy. We are princess or prince, knight or maiden, creature or daemon.

I am a princess.

And I am not middle-aged on this island, but neither am I young. On Endoplactum, we are not young or old, middle-aged or “don’t-even-think-of-asking-my-age.”


That’s it. We just are.fantasy, time dimension, Kauai

As an Endoplactum princess, I watch my other self, the Pamela on the mid-Earth spectrum, go through her short time span from birthday to birthday.

I feel sorry for her and all those who call themselves “middle-aged” in that sphere. So, I visit her – me – as often as possible. I show up in different forms, which is beyond fun. I’ve been a shadow on her bedroom wall (which wasn’t the best form, since one night she woke up, saw me – the shadow – dancing, and screamed bloody murder).

More often, I’m the soft whisper in her ear, the sweet puppy who stops by for a pet, or even the beautiful lime-green creature of the forest. (Again, though, she screamed, calling me a “worm” and flinging me aside.)

So, I planned a more joyous visit, in which I subliminally emboldened her to search for her true self in this week’s galvanizing blizzard.

Together, we called to the angels of the snow and the wind, laughing with Mother Nature, realizing there is no beginning age, or middle or end. For one short moment . . . 

. . . Princess of Earth and Endoplactum were united.

123 thoughts on “The Princess of Endoplactum

  1. Way to go, Pamela! May we always embrace our inner Princess and make snow angels and sand castles forever. Disregarding age and gender categories gives us a sense of freedom. Love your island.

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  2. Dear Pam, I really love this beautiful and positive story. So Princess from
    Endoplactum, would you let me enter this world. Please.
    I won’t be carrying a passport and I shiver when I see boxes. Just want to dance free.

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  3. Yeah!! 😀😀 Pam, I just love this … and am with you there on the snow! You look so wonderfully happy and free!! Your enchanted island should be the world, without its stereotypes, filing us away according to various criteria…just letting us all be…ourselves! Glorious liberating post that has me smiling!! Hugs, my friend and wishing you a blessed weekend! Xxxxx

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    • I think many of us – you included of course – already know a place called Endoplactum, because all we need to do is close our eyes, feel love and joy, and viola, we’re there! Hope you have a joyful weekend, Annika. ❤

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  4. Snow angels! How sweet!! I’m sure you are a princess and a beautiful one at that! 😉
    I am so sorry you are dealing with yet MORE snow! Yikes! I can’t imagine!
    I am quite content with my 80 degrees today. It is supposed to rain though… of course! The warmest day of Spring Break and it will be a wet one *sigh*
    Stay warm Princess Pamela! 😚<3

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    • My dear E and H ~ Yes, my prince arrived and swept me off my feet with flowers and dinner out. However, I had to make my own birthday cake, which was fine, because I made sure to keep the cake candle numbers low. 🙂 xo


  5. I guess you had lots of time to think while the snow came down. You really took yourself “outside of yourself.”
    Love the bluebird on your snowy header, but only because I know you have a bird feeder set up for him. Otherwise I’d be feeling too sorry for him to enjoy the picture. I see that someone has wished you happy birthday. I hope it’s a good one. All the best.

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  6. Ruth and I just read your wonderful fairytale while we’re enjoying the last day of our desert adventure. Thinking of our young Pam! ❤️ To you from us.

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  7. So glad to see I’m not the only adult who plays in the snow. I make mini-snowmen and leave them on my porch table to look at out the kitchen window. Soon, I’ll be an adult swinging on the swings at the park again.

    I know of this Princess Pamela. She is there in the same land with Lady Lori. Once in a great while, Lady Lori speaks to this world’s Lori in the same ways as Princess Pamela. Once in a great while, Lori gets it, she understands and hears the message, and those rare moments are pure bliss.

    Have a great weekend, Pam.


    • Ahhh, Lady Lori. So glad to see you here on the Earth level – I recognize you from our meet-ups at Endoplactum. Snowmen/snowwomen/snowangels are all playful reminders of what happens when we LET GO. Here’s to both of us listening more often to our inner Endoplactum princess. ❤

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  8. I started some memoir work this week and realized my younger self was a dancer – uninhibited and delighted with all movement. My ectoplactum princess is twirling through space, hoping for a big thaw here in the northeast. You’ve done it again, Pam. Ruined my bad mood over this latest blizzard. Haha!

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    • 🙂 Don’t forget, there is NO age in Endoplactum – not even 49! 🙂 Just close your eyes, think of your dancing loving self, and viola, you’ll arrive to Endoplactum. Hope to see you there. ❤


  9. I love this weird, funny, mystical, enchanting story, Pam. We need more moments in which we just are – no labels, just pure being with the joy of life and living. We can all be in Endoplactum (what a great word) anytime we want – close our eyes and go. When I was younger I never understood older folk who said they didn’t feel any older or any different inside. Now I know. We just are. Life is not a number.

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    • I’d LOVE to show you around Endoplactum, Princess Norah. You’ll fit in perfectly. ❤ As a child and teenager, I remember enjoying the time I spent with "grown-ups" and wondering why they always put themselves down, saying they were "old." I didn't think of them as old, I thought of them as fun individuals. I've kept those feelings inside myself as I've 'aged' in Earth numbers, realizing it's never the years that count. It's the joy inside. Just keep makin' snow angels, and visit Endoplactum whenever Earth life starts counting… xo

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  10. I know that place and we just returned. I want to go back though. It’s to cold here. The movie of you at the end tells me of your fun loving manner no matter where you are. Keep spreading those wings.


  11. Yes, we’ve been getting the same nor’easters, of course. And I decided that, come what may (and a lot came!), I would embrace them for whatever they brought with them. (Easy for me to say, as one of the 10% who didn’t lose power throughout the cycle, I know.)

    Funny: as I read this post, everything I thought as I was reading this line was addressed in the next line. It felt like a proper conversation. 🙂

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    • I hope to never turn off the spigot of my imagination, Peta. As a rather shy person (believe it or not) it’s not easy to share my ‘out there’ stories, but I love finding out that many ‘out there’ don’t think I’m crazy at all. ❤


  12. I so totally understand. Actually that other one–from Endoplactum–visited me this afternoon and told me to get my butt over to your blog and see what you wrote. Love this part: emboldened her to search for her true self. May it be so, evermore, amen, amen, amen & ahem.

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    • No snow angels in the bay area, Jet, not that I missed the snow when I lived there. Perhaps holding onto the back of a Bay seal, swimming under the GG Bridge, would give the same kind of imaginative lift to the spirit. 🙂

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  13. Embracing the inner spirit is a good thing …. and the aging thing is so much a mindset. When people ask if I would want to be ___ age again, I also say the same response – And to be that stupid again, no thanks.

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  14. This is so awesome, I love your Endoplactum existence, may I join you??
    Thanks for sharing this with us at the Senior Salon. Please, may I ask that you share the SS with your followers and on your social media then more ‘silver’ members can join and meet you and all the other awesome bloggers sharing their stories? See you again next week for another installment

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