Right between sensible and fantastical

Ilive my waking life partly in this world of

Darkness and light, but partly

In a realm that’s seen by only those who

Can imagine another way, an

Upside down version of what is

Logistically viewed as “the real world.”

Only in my mind, the reality is inside each of

Us, and I prefer to see the rainbow colors produced by

Sun and clouds – a black and white version is ridiculous.

rainbow, paradise cay, Tiburon, San Francisco Bay

Rainbow photo by my daughter-in-law, Shara.

123 thoughts on “RIDICULOUS!

  1. Fabulous acrostic poem, Pam! I love so many lines here, but especially: “Only in my mind, the reality is inside each of Us…”

    I’m setting an intention for myself on my upcoming road trip to write four acrostic poems: COLORADO, UTAH, ARIZONA and NEW MEXICO. You’ve given me great inspiration! Can I link this to my first poetry post on May 4? I’ll be posting a villanelle, but my next one in June will be an acrostic.

    Beautiful photo too!

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  2. Oh yes … the rainbow pic is ridiculous …. but in a good way. 😀 Simply awesome!

    I like the way you used Ridiculous in your poem. For me, the I-C-U-L string took me back to my teaching days because I was unquestionably a contrarian.

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  3. A rainbow is proof that magic exists in our world … at least that’s my theory and I’m sticking with it. Then again, I put everything even remotely science-y in that category 😉


  4. Imagine trying to explain “green” to someone who is color blind and has never experienced any of the colors of the rainbow. That would be . . . challenging.

    We’re apt to “lose touch with reality” as we consider what “green” might mean to Hueless Hugh.


    • My son and my grandson are colorblind. And you are so right-extremely difficult to explain a color that they can’t see. But we can use adjectives, like forest, lush, intense, deep. 🌈


  5. Beautiful, Pam! 😀 Rainbows are the vibrant striking reminders of the magic of life and they never fail to lift my heart and a hushed awe descends upon me. Shara’s Photo is stunning and almost surreal in its perfection and the epitomy of all rainbows! Have a super weekend, my friend! ❤️


  6. Well done. Well said. And your “upside-down” meanings are not lost on me. 😉

    I’m here to tell you that I live most of my life (at least inside my head) in the realm of the ridiculous. And I’m the happier for it.

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  7. Pam—–oh how you
    W–wiggle with us and play with our R–reality and our minds I–intelligently and fantastically
    T–trusting us to E-engage with the rainbows

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