Whatever You Want….

suspense, flash fiction, romanceNina climbed aboard the Acela, holding her overnight bag as well as the floral valise the stranger handed her before he took off in a rush. (At the Station)

She didn’t gasp until she sat down and opened the small case.

Why? Why now? Nina wondered as she stared at the photo inside the bag.

The picture of her and Ben kissing outside the Boston Park Plaza nauseated her. She had been more in love with the idea of Ben than of Ben himself.

This photo was a reminder of her bad judgement and worse choices.

Who took that photo and then placed it in the bag along with the lacy lingerie and hotel key underneath? suspense, flash fiction, blog

The train left the station, chugging along swiftly. Nina peered out the window, viewing the bare branches of oak and beech, tiny buds still tight but sensuous in their emerging pink tips.

Nina made a decision then and there. Her life had to change. Once her presentation at Sterns & Fowler was complete, once she got that promotion she’d worked so hard for, once…

“May I sit here?” an attractive woman asked. She held onto the back of Nina’s aisle seat, gray eyes staring steadily.

Nina looked around at the empty rows in front of her, sighed, and moved to the window seat, placing the flowery bag on her lap again.

“Thank you,” the woman said, sitting primly. “Now, I’ll take that.” The well-dressed lady held out her hand toward Nina’s lap.

Nina’s mouth flew open. She took in the woman’s blue silk shirt tucked into black linen pants, pointy black shoes tapping on the floor.

Nina closed her mouth, gulped, and handed the bag over. “You’re ….” Nina couldn’t say the name.

“Yes, I am.”

flash fiction, blogThe train lurched around a curve, and Nina’s body slid to the right, her shoulders touching the woman’s.

As the two women righted themselves, the bag owner turned and stared at Nina.

“Are you in love with my husband?” Ben’s wife asked her.

Nina inhaled sharply. “I have not been with Ben for over eight months. I want nothing to do with him. Why are you here and why was I given this bag with a photo of Ben and me, with….with lingerie inside?”

Betty nodded serenely. “I asked Ben for a divorce two years ago. He refused. I needed a catalyst to get him out of my life. At first, I thought it would be you.”

Nina hissed, “I can’t stand the man.”

“Perfect,” Betty answered. “So my scheme can go on as planned.”

Nina shook her head. “I want nothing to do with Ben. Do you know what he used to call you?”

The striking woman smiled at Nina. “Betty the Beast?”

Ashamed of herself, defeated in her private life, wanting only to be a success now in business, Nina said, “I’m done with Ben the Beast. Just leave me alone.”

“Oh, but my dear. We’re going to have fun together. You don’t know who I am, do you?”flash fiction, suspense, mystery

The sun glared through the large windows of the train, and Nina squinted. “I have a big presentation later this morning. I can’t deal with this now.”

“I’m Betty Fowler. I never changed my name when Ben and I married.”

Time stood still. Nina felt the air pull out of her lungs as if a bomb had just exploded.

Betty continued with a smirk. “Yes, my father is Daniel Fowler, of Stearns & Fowler. Dad hates my husband, and he’ll do just about anything to get Ben out of our lives.”

“And the stranger who handed me your bag?” Nina whispered, surmising the answer.

“My brother. He’s the mastermind of our plan.”

Nina paused, took in a huge breath, and released it with the words that would haunt her for the rest of her life,

“I’ll do whatever you want.”



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Bernadette won a copy of my romantic suspense Twin Desires, available as paperback or e-book on Amazon.

Bernadette of Haddon Musings, who included a negligee and a key in her conjecture.

Many thanks to all of you who played along with my contest. The varied, unique, and thoughtful guesses (via my blog, my Facebook Roughwighting page, and e-mails) are proof of the incredible creative writers in our world.



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  1. Congratulations to Bernadette! I’ve been so busy with NaPoWriMo while trying to get other work done, that I never got back to the first post. But I see Bernadette is practically a neighbor in Haddonfield!
    I never would have guessed the photo. Great plot twists, Pam!

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  2. What a suspense story Pamela. I just love it. I did wonder why the woman was so keen on sitting next to a stranger in an almost empty carriage.
    Didn’t expect such a drama. Beautifully done.

    Now Pam, why is the answer haunting her for the rest of her life?


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    • Hmmmm, what do YOU think haunts Nina for the rest of her life, Miriam? I’m so glad you enjoyed this. I kind of ‘went along for the ride” as Nina told her story. I don’t have a good feeling about what she ends up doing to please the Fowler family…and to get that promotion. ;-0


    • Ohhh, I like the term “the story twister.” No, this is the end of Nina, since I’m working on my next novel with twists galore. I may have to return to Nina sometime, though, because she is digging herself into one big hole. ;-0 🙂

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  3. Not too long ago I read a book on the energy of colors. I wonder if you realize indigo indicates intuition (which I don’t have reading even mystery lite) and violet, a divine connection, which you undoubtedly tap into with your Agatha Christie instincts. Prime storytelling, Pam. 🙂

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    • WOW – I’m glowing indigo and violet, Marian, thanks to your comment. Years ago when I met my son’s girlfriend (now wife) she claimed I was “INDIGO!” with a bit of a gasp. Now, thanks to you, perhaps I know what she was talking about!
      So glad you enjoyed my little twisted tale. I was a bit nervous as I began the second part of this, having no idea where it was going to go. I think those colors helped me along… ❤


  4. Aha. Great ending with plenty of suspense. Will you continue with the story? Actually you should make a book of this plot. I bet it would be a best seller. Your imagination knows no bounds. Oh, yes. I think I wrote that before. 🙂

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    • You can compliment my imagination as often as you’d like! 🙂 I had fun with this story, but I’m going to leave Nina behind now. I think she’s about to make too many other bad choices… :-0 xo

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    • This story is just a surprise piece of flash fiction that found its way into my writing pen. A lot of fun trying to figure out the twists along with Nina as I wrote. Thank you so much for enjoying❣️


  5. I found it! Looks like I’d lost my subscription to your blog. I thought you were taking a blogging break or something. Silly me. I’m intrigued by Nina. “Words that would haunt her for the rest of her life.” Indeed.


    • Oh, thanks for taking the time to “re-follow”! When I take blogging breaks, it’s generally just for one week. Then I miss the blogosphere too much! 🙂
      Yes, I found Nina’s words intriguing too. I wonder if all of us have one sentence or phrase in our life that has haunted us a bit. Hmmmmm.


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