The Dawn in March

sunrise, birthI was born in the March dawn, the sun shining lightly through snowflakes, welcoming the new spirit of an old soul.

I wailed to return from whence I came.

But the others encouraged me to stay. You chose this, they whispered.

I howled, but I also nursed and gurgled and watched the way of this world. Difficult for this old soul to understand.

Why? I asked.

Why do we hurt others? Why do we rush? Why do we eat? Why can’t you see?

“See what?” my parents asked, frustrated at their inventive daughter.

I pointed to the spirits chasing each other, soaring with glee around my bedroom, winging their way through the spring snow.

“What an imagination you have,” my family chuckled, their expressions bewildered.

So over the years, I stopped the questions. I learned to go with the flow. I learned to not accept, but to realize the ridiculousness of this life, like time, hate, bigotry.

I learned to wait it out.

And in the meantime,

I allow my imagination to tell the truth.

dreams, imagination, joy

May we all be willing to JUMP into our imaginations and find our TRUTH.

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  1. Wow! 😀😀. A wonderful post, Pam and I love how imagination holds the truth … may we all find it! As to those ‘whys’, why are there never any answers? Most likely because they’re inexplicable!

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    • So many layers, for sure, Peta. But an onion always makes me cry, so I researched to find another fruit or vegetable with a lot of layers. I think I’ll take “Blood Fruit” ` (from a website of poetry by Chicago students!)
      Blood Fruit
      Genesis R.

      It looks like an apple but it is not,
      Its shining blood-red color
      Gets our attention, touches us.

      Eating, its flavor drives us crazy
      and sweetens our mouth.

      Its skin is rough
      like an elephant’s
      In its interior keeps a secret:
      Its seeds, wrapped in
      a deep and flavorful liquid

      I cannot say its name
      but this is certain: that its
      appearance will captivate you
      and fascinate your senses

      🙂 ❤


    • I am honored to share March as a birthday month with your parents, Molly. THANK YOU. Last night our temps went up to 40 (!) and we had huge thunderstorms. I kept the bedroom window open and could SMELL SPRING. So there’s another good thing about March. 🙂

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  3. Happy Birthday!
    I have a niece (26) and nephew (15) born today.
    Both BFF’s parents are March babies.
    As is my younger brother.

    March is a good month for babies!

    Loved the post.
    A.O.S.W.I.O. (Another Old Soul Waiting It Out)

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  4. You’ve been an inventive daughter from way, way back. Is that you jumping in the last photo? That’s what I imagine.

    I hope you were properly feted on your birthday, Pam. More power to you and more energetic years to come! 🙂

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    • The Ides of March got a bad rep because of Shakespeare. But the ides of March—March 15—initially marked the first full moon of a new year. I like that, being a big fan of the moon, myself. So no ‘beware of the Ides, instead “Look out at the night sky on the Ides!” 🙂 ❤

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  5. Are you a Pisces? Well, that explains a lot if you are. Old souls indeed, Pam. I love how children are able to see the world more clearly than adults, and how sad when they conform and shut down. Happy Birthday my unique friend. Keep imagining, believing, and jumping!

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  6. May the celebration of this eventful day for you, be one of happiness and continued imagination. I very much enjoyed reading about how you perceive your arrival into the world. I think most children have an unlimited imagination. I know that I did growing up but probably for most of us we lose that ability to imagine but for writers and artists the imagination continues to flourish and that is surely a good thing,

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  7. Happy Birthday, Pam!! How I had to laugh about you being told “Oh it is just your imagination”. Guess what? I was told the same thing! Mine wasn’t about seeing spirits (although I had imaginary friends) but it was how I “knew” things. Up to this very day that “knowing” I use all the time, and sometimes hear that “voice” that says, “this is just your imagination”. I actually say GO AWAY for you are not real! I’m sure you get what I’m talking about. SO good to know another “old soul”. I agree. This world makes zero sense. BIG (((HUGS)))!! You aint getting older …. just better! 🌹🌹🌹

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    • Ohhhhh YES, I know exactly what you’re talking (writing) about here. As a child I knew I was being ‘put down’ (and my thoughts discarded) when I was told it was “just my imagination.” I think this happens to so many, so they tamp down the creative wonder and “sight” within them. What a loss! For those of us who hung/clung on to those extra senses and knowings – hooray. Makes the senselessness of certain aspects of life a bit more palatable, knowing it’s fleeting and not the “total picture.” (This is rather rambling, but I think you get my gist….) 🙂

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      • Thank goodness some of us have hung onto that “inner kid”! YAY for us!! My “knowings” have become so strong lately which truly astounds me. I’m sure I am missing out still on signs and such as I’m still not quite “here”, still recovering from tragedy. Yet when I am Connected …. WOW!

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    • Many thanks, Jennifer. I’m a bit relieved, because I was a little worried about writing a post so personal and yet so “out there.” But as always, the blogging world is sensitive to our sensitivities, and open to them. ❤

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    • I am THRILLED that you can relate to what I tried to describe here in this post. Not easy – rather ethereal at the same time as being a bit “out there” to some. Thanks for taking it in with the honesty and joy I felt while posting it.


    • Ah, I like how you responded to my rather ‘strange and personal’ birthday post. But YES. Being truthful of how we feel and what we experience in the world – these things are shared with love and the offering to our readers to take in whatever feels right.

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    • Ah, another Piscean! I love meeting those under the same sign. It’s interesting how much we ‘understand’ each other. I wonder what your date is? (Mine is the actual Ides of March). In New England, it’s hard to think of the middle of March as “spring” (on my b.d. there was still plenty of snow on the ground). ;-( But the songbirds have returned and I fill the birdfeeder and sing back to them: “Namaste!” xo

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  8. I tried too many times to post my comment. (It rejected my password.😫) It would have said “I so enjoy the plethora of experiences of the writing group! Many more Happy Birthdays! 🎈 “

    It would not have said and did you share the cake??? Looked tasty. See you next week! Debbie

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    • Ah, the plethora of ways to get trapped in technology and add frustration to our days. But in actuality, both of your comments came through. To sharing stories….and cake!


  9. I hope you had a wonderful birthday, Pamela, reconnecting with your imagination and the spirit friends from the lands beyond from whence you came. I enjoy knowing that you found your truth.

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  10. Happy Birthday, Pam!!! So many questions, so few satisfying answers. Without our imaginations I think life would be so much more difficult to cope with. Here’s to our delightful imaginations and our hard-won truths!!

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  11. Love your imagination… we are all the better for it! 😉
    You quote is awesome.. I also like “Those who were caught dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music” This is sooooo me! ❤

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  12. Dear Pam.. I can not begin to tell you how this post spoke to me… WHY indeed,
    Keep your imagination flowing with Love dear Pam.. There are many such angels ready to wrap their wings to help us soar..
    Much love to you, and thank you for being a seeker of Truth.. ❤ ❤ ❤

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