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Many of you have encouraged me to put together some of my personal flash stories (some of them posted here in Roughwighting) into a book of short (short) stories.

Upon hearing the suggestion, my publisher shouted immediately, “Yes, a flash memoir!”

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An ordinary scene, or extraordinary?

Huh? Is there such a thing? Well, yes, now there is. My stories are light-hearted and contain flashes of ordinary occurrences in our lives that often don’t get noticed. But as you read my fun vignettes, I hope you realize, as I did, that truly, the ordinary in our lives is so EXTRAORDINARY!

Here’s a wonderful endorsement from Annika Perry, fellow blogger and a favorite among many of us:

“Warm, intimate and loving, Pamela S. Wight’s writing sparkles as she captures the very essence of her life! Her sense of humor has me laughing out loud, her sensitivity has me reaching for tissues. Real life vignettes which are a treat to read!” Annika Perry, author of The Storyteller Speaks and Oskar’s Quest

My publisher’s website, Borgo Publishing ( is the best place to pre-order the 8 x 8, 140 page softback (hit the cover or underlined name to go straight to website) . Borgo offers free shipping until Pub Date of May 15. Use Code Flashes21. I’m encouraging readers to support Indie Publishers as well as Indie Authors, so if you’re interested, Pre-Order now! $14.95.

memoir, short stories, flash fiction

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    • Thank you Jill. And you know my mortification when I found out after I posted this that the promo code FLASHES21 is needed to get the free shipping on the Borgo publishing site. 😏


    • Thank you John! I’m really excited because I’ve had such a good feedback. If you’re interested I forgot to put the free shipping coupon code which is FLASHES21 on the Borgo publishing site. 😚


  1. Anyone who reads this book is in for a treat. Beautifully written with empathy, humour, and humility. The “flashes of life” all come together to build a story of life that you will identify with and love reading about. Congratulations, Pam.

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    • I’ve had such great feedback from my beta readers and critique group and final editors that I have high hopes that readers will be glad to take a chance with my flash memoir. 🙏💜


    • Ha. You might be surprised. I’m guessing that once you have book in hand you will read it and not want to put it down. (And of course that is said modestly by me, the author.) 😆


    • Isn’t it funny how I already have published two books in the romantic suspense genre and two books in children’s book genre and now of course I have to try a whole new one. But flash memoir is really fun! 😁

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    • You are so right! I had a great time working on this book during this year of the pandemic. It helped me stay grounded, and I think it’s really a fun read. By the way, I think you are the one who recommended the middle grade book Amari and the Night Brothers. I read it and loved it and I have just gifted it as an e-book to my 12-year-old grandson.


  2. This is an exciting News Flash . . . I had no idea that you were actively working on a Flash Memoir!
    Groundbreaking Genre with Giggles Galore!

    Do your kids/grandkids have a favorite story in Flashes of Light?
    Do you?

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  3. Yeah! 😀 Pam, time for many celebratory twirls and a massively exciting time for you. I’m so glad you took the leap in faith to publish your personal flash stories in a book! I think may be starting a whole new genre with ‘flash memoir’ but none will ever be as good as yours!

    Thank you, it was wonderful to read an copy of your book early on and I LOVE your book! Your writing glitters, some stories had me laughing out loud and I had to read parts aloud to my husband. He now wants to read your book! A treat through and through — I wish you all the best with the release, my friend! This deserves to fly! love & hugs xx ❤️

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  4. I enjoy everything you write, Pam and I love the concept of short stories. You are correct how Annika is a favourite among us and I trust and respect her reviews. I look forward to reading “Flashes of Life.”❤️

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