Gnome with a G

rain, sun, rainbow, gnome, Kranich17Almost surreal, the rain continued even as the sun peeked out like a shy little girl. Buttoning up my rain coat, I left the safety of my front door and raced toward the car.

Can’t you see where you’re going?” a tiny voice asked.

Darn, I tripped over something that seemed more stump than human, yet whatever it was had chastised me! Earnestly looking around for the victim of my haste, I felt a tug at the bottom of my jeans.

Franny, I’m right here!” the voice claimed.

Good lord!” I exclaimed while taking in the twelve-inch fellow stomping his feet in anger. “How’d you know my name?” I asked, realizing of all the question to ask this . . . creature . . ., my identity was not on the top-of-the-list. Gnome, rainbow, magical realism

Ive lived here far more years than you have,” the stone-faced being said.

Just how long is that? I asked, again berating myself silently for asking the less important question. Knowing  that I’m the owner of this property, which  my great-grandparents bought in 1922, I figured I’d catch the little guy in a lie.

Long before your Great-Grandpaw Lyle, that’s for sure,” the little rascal answered.

Maybe he was tiny and grizzled, but I could see the smirk on his face.

Not sure if I was hallucinating or had inadvertently been struck by lightning, I decided that ignoring the creature would be to my best interest.

Opting to return to the house, I turned around and began to walk swiftly back to my front door.

gnome, HalloweenPerhaps you didn’t hear me, Franny,” the voice said. “Queer as I may look, I do exist, and it’s about time you paid me more attention.”

Realizing he was directly under my feet again, I stopped short.

So, who are you and what do you want?” I shouted.

The next door neighbor, walking on the path adjacent to my yard, must have heard me. Unmistakably rattled, she increased her pace away from me.

Violet, how are you?” I called out with a (I hoped) calm smile as she raced away.

 “Wendell is my name, and I’m a rainbow goblin,” he answered matter of factly in his squeaky voice.

Xactly what does a rainbow goblin do?” I asked.

You must be kidding; we catch and consume colors in rainbows, of course.” Wendell replied. rainbow

Zounds!” I answered, looking above me and noting that blue, indigo, and lavender were missing from the glorious rainbow above.

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  1. Whimsical alphabetically expressed, you are talented! I once gave a Convention report using this method. Short, sweet, and to the point, but no rainbow in my report.

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  2. This was an enchanting story…pure enchantment from A to Z. I like this so much, I would like to keep a copy of it handy…so delightful. I come from a Scandinavian background and we love our gnomes! They are very popular right now!!! What a wondrous story to have on the shelf, and a little gnome to sit beside it. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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    • I will admit the photo of Wendell in this post is our very own gnome on our front step. It was given to my guy as a Father’s Day gift from our kids. I don’t think they ever realized that he was also a rainbow goblin. 🌈😆


  3. I’ve never seen all the colors in a real rainbow albeit the ones we make with hose does have all! Pam, you get another feather in your cap for making a story out of reality, with a clever mix of fantasy! 😊

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  4. You killed it with this one, Pam.
    I love the mix of reality and fantasy as I see noted in other comments above. I wonder how many brain cells it took to come up with this magnificence. ;-D

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  5. I adore Gnomes as I have 6 and I’m not Scandinavian! I never knew there were “rainbow” gnomes. You created another very entertaining post, Pam and it’s perfect whimsy for a rainy day and weekend here in Victoria, BC.

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  6. I love your sentence about the sun peeking out like a shy girl. Yes! Also…earlier this week I drove downstate to pick up my mom and a double rainbow blossomed overhead like the twinkle in a gnome’s eye. Thanks, Wendell!

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    • I’m not at all surprised that you received (as a blessing) a double rainbow. The day my mom died, this rainbow (the one I use in this post) arrived at early dusk directly in front of our front door. What a blessing and message of hope/love.

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    • Glad I could make my blogging friends more aware of some of the (small) mysteries around us Donna. 🙂 I could even call this a public service. 🙂 🙂 Hope your day is as beautiful as a rainbow.


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    • Thanks for enjoying my silly gnome fun, Peta. Sometimes my sense of humor does surprise/scare me a bit. 🙂 The rainbow shone outside my front door the day my mom passed, so it’s a special one in my heart. ❤


  8. What a great story and so well done, Pam. It just flowed and was full of your usual fun. I used to read the book “The Rainbow Goblins” to my daughter and when she grew up she read it to my grandson. It was a favorite. Thanks for the smiles.

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    • Well, thank you very much! I’ve finished Journey 10 – wahhhh, it went too fast. (Which means it was another great episode.) Now I’m impatiently waiting for 11. I’m a fan, as you know. xo


  9. Awesome!! I love the format! Interesting fact… my friend’s 4 yr old grandson (who is home schooled and not allowed to watch TV) announced he wanted a “Letter” party for his birthday. A What?? That’s right, says he, a “Letter” party. Upon examining his intent with more questions, it was ferreted out of him that he meant “Alphabet” party. A RAINBOW Alphabet party to boot. No one has any clue where this child got the idea but when Nana went online to see what she could find, it turns out to be a thing!! There are plates and decorations and balloons. He also wanted a rainbow unicorn piñata, which they also found. Have you ever??? Kids are SO darn smart!!! I’ve decided you can find just about anything you want anymore, we just have to talk about it enough so as to be heard and all our wishes will be granted… *wait, that’s a little concerning* hmmmm…

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