Out of This World

https://pixabay.com/photos/stars-constellation-universe-twins-2633893/ geraltJoan strolled around the tropical complex on a soft evening dotted above with stars.

Her trip to this island had been everything she hoped for on a solitary October vacation, escaping a stress-filled job, worrisome aging parents, and a soon-to-be ex-boyfriend. The days melted into each other as she strolled for hours on secluded beaches, sat at the ocean-view bar and slowly savored pink-umbrella drinks, avoiding the curious glances of those with family or lovers.Kauai, sunset, relaxation, Halloween story

She seemed to be the only single woman on the entire island.

But no matter, she decided as she wandered the grounds on her last evening here. Joan dreaded the return to her life – her real life – and grit her teeth as she dreamed of plucking one of those bright stars above her and holding on to it like the tail of a comet.

https://pixabay.com/illustrations/space-stars-comet-astronomy-1486556/ Buddy_NathBut perhaps this brighter “star” that appeared suddenly was a comet, or a meteor, because it enlarged with each minute that went by.  Joan gasped as the pinprick of light became a dot, then a circle, and then….

Joan heard the screams of others before she realized that she’d joined in. A huge blazing ball of fire – at least the size of a dirigible, had splashed into the ocean right beside their villas. The night was now ablaze with light, the whales jumping in concern, their humongous tails slapping the water in consternation. The monk seals scurried onto the sand, sliding onto the beach like gigantic backless snails.  Joan would have laughed at their clownish awkwardness if she wasn’t so scared.monk seal, ocean

Joan’s skin crawled as the large meteor, or whatever it was, bobbed up onto the water like a weightless ship. Suddenly the screams stopped, and Joan stared toward the ocean, hoping this was all a dream, or at least something more innocuous than it seemed.

But no. No such luck. Just as in an old ‘50s sci fi movie, the strange object darkened as a crack of light appeared on the surface, and a doorway opened.

Be careful what you wish for, Joan muttered.

Her life. as she had known it, would never be the same.

https://pixabay.com/illustrations/ufo-ship-spaceship-alien-3970916/ Peter-Lomas

Hope your Halloween is OUT of THIS WORLD. I’m taking a short blogging break to search for Joan…

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  1. A lonely woman , Joan , in a lonely island only with her past memories , is a piece of short story that is sufficient to prick our inner part of the heart . Enjoyed reading your short story . Nicely worded , written in a lucid language , and with minimum sentences you have drawn our attention . Thank you for that . Please read my blogs also .

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  2. The lives of your readers will never be the same. Ha ha! And then you head off to search for your heroine and leave us missing your amazing stories. (I always smile when settling down to read one of your stories. Always.)

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  3. Pam, here’s to shooting stars, alien space ships and more fantasy!

    Even if you never find Joan, have a great break. I’m taking a one-week break in November and a longer one in December. We’ve got to keep our sanity–right? (((( )))

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    • I think the scariest scenario is the one you mention here, Patricia! I’d rather Joan meet up with a spaceship than a Korean missile. 😳 Cocoon is much more like it and gives me hope that Joan is OK. 👽😎

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  4. Such a fun story…enjoy your break! (Even the most wonderful storytellers need to rest from time to time…great big universe out there and lots of stories to tell…quiet moments help us appreciate all those shooting stars.) Enjoy the night sky and the Autumn moon…the sound of owls, a starry night. 🙂

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  8. Pam, I hope you’re having a lovely break and writing a sequel for this story! 😀 I just love how her life has taken such a dramatic twist and have a feeling she will be able to handle whatever happens! I enjoyed the way you ease us into the story and smiled at the ‘ a soon-to-be ex-boyfriend’! And I bet he didn’t have an idea! Hugs xx ❤️🌺

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