To Be Read (TBR) on a Frosty Night

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How many books are waiting for you, impatiently, piled throughout your house or on your Kindle? Author and blogger, Diana Peach presented a challenge – write a poem or story about your TBR pile. I got inspired with the help of Robert Frost and his Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening.” (Tap to read Frost’s poem)

Whose books are these, I think you know

Strew on shelf and floor and chair, though

I try to pass, no stopping here,

But each unique like flakes of snow.

A visitor must think it queer

To watch me touch each book that’s near

Words spread like ripples on a lake

I must complete by end of year!

I pick the Austen, give a shake

The women moan from their mistakes

Patchett and Poe aside I sweep

Amor Towles is today’s snow flake.

Each book is lovely, dark and deep

I have so many more to keep

      And words to read before I sleep

      More words to read before I sleep.

143 thoughts on “To Be Read (TBR) on a Frosty Night

    • I’m so glad I hooked you on Towles. His book A Gentleman in Moscow got me hooked first. Fabulous. Shows how a slow development in a story can create a masterful novel. I’m reading Towles The Lincoln Highway now, and I highly recommend it.

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  1. I certainly can relate to your poem. I have a bed in my office that serves for my TBR pile, with stacks of books that require reading and a review. They are sorted by PBs, MG, YA, publication dates, seasonal events and so on. Right now I’m consumed with Multicultural Children Book Days for Jan 28 and Black History month. I have gifted books to hospitals, schools recently, so I can see my bed now. 🙂

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    • Oh, an ‘office bed’ makes a great bookcase, Patricia. 🙂 Yes, I know you read tons of books because then you share such wonderful reviews with us. I’ve found some wonderful children’s and young adult books, thanks to you. Happy reading! (And I’d love to send you my children’s book MOLLY FINDS HER PURR when you have space on that office bed.)


  2. I admire this along with your careful consideration of books on your TBR pile. In early February you’ll see my take on the Frost poem re-imagined with a Lego figure. . . borrowed material, not original like yours which is Lovely, Bright, and Deep. . . 😀

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    • Yes, books are our friends, absolutely. Just looking at those scattered on my ‘bookshelf” (ie, hope chest at the end of the bed) makes me feel happy. And thanks so much for saying RF would approve of my poem. That means a lot. ❤

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    • Thanks Miriam. So many of us enjoyed Diana’s challenge. So many of us know the importance and delight in reading. Sad to hear how many people in the U.S. don’t even get through one book in a year. They don’t understand what they’re missing.

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    • Lisa, I’m so glad you “got” my Austen reference to the characters’ regrets. I have to admit, I laughed when I wrote down that line. 🙂 Many thanks for your comment and for reading my attempt at a “Frostian” poem.

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  3. I really enjoyed your reworking of Frost’s words. I don’t have a TBR pile, or list, or even a Kindle — I read according to interests, or research, so my list is more a matter of books I’ve dipped into and want to go back to.

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  5. Awww … Pam, this is inspired writing! The poem is filled with tenderness and love for your precious book and I love the imagery of the snowflake that runs through the poem. A touching homage to our precious books, their stories and characters – beautiful writing and emotions, my friend! 😀❤️📖

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  6. I can relate or could relate. My boxes of books in storage are calling me in my sleep begging to be rescued. Thank goodness for my tablet or I’d go insane. Well done. It was 12 degrees last night. warming up tonight to 28 but Wed. it will snow and go to 13. I hope Phil doesn’t see his shadow.

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  7. I couldn’t resist– with apologies and gratitude to Alfred Noyes and “The Highwayman”:

    Each stack was a wobbly tower
    Upon my desk and chair
    Each book meant for future reading
    And placed with loving care
    Each book was a beckoning siren
    To whisk me away, away
    But time keeps passing, passing passing
    Time keeps passing quickly but maybe I’ll start today.

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  11. Oh my gosh, you are speaking my language. I was so glad to read not long ago that collecting books and reading books are two different hobies. That sort of left me off the hook… Great post.

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  13. Oh my word. My TBRs are all e-books. I love real books but just don’t have the space. I have hundreds in my kindle. I got a lot of them free from Amazon and many are worth what I paid for. I have been going through my list and deleting the ones I don’t like and giving others a try to see if they are jewels – and some are. I have a long way to go.

    I’m enjoying your site and Ally sent me – sort of.

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