Love Song for the Ages

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The love songs speak of youth, of yearning

Of urging those pangs of lust and hunger

Of the delicious spark of electricity when

Chemistry combines with convenience and

Sex burns as bright as a just-lit flame.

But what about years later when the

Commitment to love is a slower burn

And loss has occurred and anger at lost

Socks and lost desire and the detritus

Of  life has intruded upon the intimacy of two?

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Ah, where are the songs for long lasting love

Love that endures babies and budgets

and the demise of those before us?

Love that fades at times and then reignites

With a memory, a touch, a sweet and slow kiss?

A love song for the ages would be soulful and drawn

Out in long high notes and hushed deeper tenors –

A melody soulful at times, full of conflict and concern

but overall consumed with a deep longing for more.


Peggy_Marco, Pixabay, love songs, poem

An early Valentine poem as I relax into a blogging break. Love to all!

135 thoughts on “Love Song for the Ages

  1. This is so beautiful, Pam. I’m a little choked up! That time-tested and enduring love is something special. I don’t think I understood it as a young person. But I get it now, and I imagine that it will continue to grow. Loved your poem, my friend. Hugs. ❤ ❤

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    • Thanks for the fabulous music. I loved his singing voice and his songs. Fortunately in long-time love we realize somebody did not do somebody wrong. We end up doing somebody right all the time. ❤️


  2. Lust fades, but comfort, contentment and commitment remain. I could attach my name to your poem, but that would be plagiarism. Instead, consider it high praise. Ha!

    Coming up on 55 years this August. oxo

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  3. So true, Pam! Great poem for the errant and misleading Cupid. “You don’t bring me flowers” came to mind and I think if Neil Diamond’s response had been different, they could have recaptured that long lasting monogamous love.

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  4. This love song beautifully ensconces two aspects of love…”brighter burn” and “slower burn” are apt metaphors that true lovers experience… “fading and reigniting” are so realistic Pam. Love your definitions of love. Happy Valentine’s Day.

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  5. Oh you’re off on blogging break just as you remind us what’s sweeter than the quickly-passing desire for Valentine’s candy–enduring love that’s fading and rekindling as the years pass. Now that’s an enduring sweetness!

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  6. Perfect—things change in a marriage, but if the foundation is there and we have love, friendship, and respect for our partner, it’s all good. Thirty-five years in, and we’re still happy.

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  7. I believe love has its seasons and each season has its own beauty. Your poem elegantly depicts the seasons. Within the same song, it has the high notes and the low, they all are beautiful. I love your last stanza, especially the last two sentences, “A melody soulful at times, full of conflict and concern, but overall consumed with a deep longing for more.” Have a wonderful and restful blogging break. Happy Valentine to you, Pam! ❤

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  8. Love the poem and the thoughts behind it. We could use a few love songs for that soft and gentle love. I wouldn’t be the one to write it but love does have different expressions. Happy Valentines day and enjoy your break.

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  9. Always more love, Pam! ❤️ So many poems are about those initial bursts of love, of passion — the exciting new beginnings, forging so many memories! Hooray to a poem that celebrates ‘A love song for the ages’ and yours is a beautiful and touching reminder to us all of the heart of this love, how it touches our soul to the core, has overcome the deep loss, the annoying niggles to something profound and miraculous!

    Wishing you a very special Valentine’s and a relaxing break! hugs xx

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    • Your comments are always so fantastic, Annika. Yes those of us who can overcome the “annoying niggles“ and still feel that intense warm love for that special someone….well, Aren’t we lucky? 💖🙏☺️

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  10. Oh Pam, here’s a song of long lasting love for you: “Still the One” by Orleans. All the lyrics are great but our favorite lines are:
    “You’re still the one who can scratch my itch
    You’re still the one that I wouldn’t switch
    We’re still having fun, and you’re still the one.”
    Happy Valentine’s Day! Here’s to love forever more! 💕

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  13. Yes, yes and yes again. I am sure there are some out there…
    And how about love stories that involve couples that are older than 40? Whether rediscovering love in their 50’s and 60’s or sharing the love that has lasted decades…
    Lovely, just lovely!

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  14. Some of those so-called love songs fuel the craving for short-lived “butterflies” and warm fuzzies, but the deeper love that comes from sharing real life– that’s the good stuff! Your post here made me think of the song “Do You Love Me?” from Fiddler on the Roof! ❤

    Enjoy your break!

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  15. Such a fitting poem about love and one for love through the years and ages. Love that last line about love, longing for more. You know you’re in love when you are longing for more with the other person through all kinds of times, the ups and the downs. Take care ❤

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  16. There are many.. right? I had someone say to me ALL songs were love songs. That got her a fast and vicious response from me (that I now regret) because NO! Not all songs are love songs… I should have asked what made her think that statement was true. And why did she say that. But wrong mood, bad timing, and extreme thoughtlessness on my part deprived both of us from an interesting discussion. I really wish I could go back in time…. 😢

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    • Well many many songs are love songs. But I’m looking for love songs about couples who have been together for a long long time. Those songs aren’t as frequent. How about “You’re Still the One” ? 😍

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