Fathoming the Unknowable (in Your Words)

searching for the truth, PixabayWhen Megan entered the limo that was waiting for her at the San Francisco airport, she gasped. The unexpected passenger sent her a guilty grin.

“Joseph! What are you doing here?” (see The Unknowable, Revealed?).

“Namaste,” Megan’s assistant replied. “I figured you weren’t the only one who needed a quiet and reflective week.”

Megan opened her mouth to retort “but who’s minding the office?” but instead said, “You tricked me into this Buddhist retreat. I have no intention of succumbing to a ‘spiritual awakening.’”

Joseph leaned back in the tan faux-leather backseat and smiled enigmatically. “The Universe has a way of helping us do the things we need to do.”

Megan rolled her eyes and stifled the “Bull shit” she was about to utter. The man infuriated her, and if he wasn’t such an excellent assistant, she would have fired him months ago. But he presented her with sparkling moments when logic and magic met; her life had certainly run more smoothly with his help.

“You signed me up for something I didn’t know you were signing me up for. That’s neither fate nor free will; it’s mind-bogglingly disrespectful of you.”

Joseph just sat still, eyes closed.

“Hello? Anyone there?” Megan asked childishly. The ride continued in silence for the next two hours. Megan felt a little shiver of apprehension. Or was it anticipation? spiritual retreat, lodge, Pixabay

When the limo stopped in front of a simple two-story wooden lodge, Megan’s heart skipped a beat. Despite her orientation toward science and physics, she was going to keep an open mind.  Although she dealt with details, not faith, her creative juices were revved up, perhaps prompted by the long-robed monk who now approached her.

“Keko,” Megan greeted, nodding also toward Joseph who now stood by her side. “Why do I have a feeling you two are in cahoots?”

Keko’s bald head rocked back as he laughed uproariously. “Go far enough west and you end up in the east, my friend. Science and mysticism cross paths constantly. Joseph has known this for eons.”

Eons? Megan mused. How old was Joseph? For that matter, how old was Keko?

physics, unknowable, searching for the truth“We’re as old as the rocks and the trees and the clouds in the sky,” Keko answered her silent question. “You know . . .  physics and mysticism search for the same answers. How? Why? Where? And most importantly Who?”

“As a physicist, I search reality,” Megan insisted.

“And what, my esteemed friend, is more real than the soul?” 

At that question, Megan realized with a shock of insight that Keko was correct. One only needed to dwell within to find the unknowable. She held a hand toward each man and said, “You’re right. I’ve ended up just where I needed to be.”

ocean, searching, Kauai

Thank you to all who commented on last week’s story. I’ve used the majority of your remarks (I think you’ll recognize them) in creating this sequel to Megan’s story, The Unknowable, Revealed. This proves that many of you already knew the answer!




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  1. I like it. It reminds me of a quote that I must paraphrase. It’s about the scientists climbing the mountain of the unknown searching for the beginning of creation. They get to the top and find a group of philosophers discussing. Well – something like that.

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    • Haha. Funny quote (even paraphrased). We humans talk and think a bit too much, instead of just looking (inside) and finding the answers. No mountains need be climbed. 🙂


  2. Pam, you are ever so clever to round up reader remarks from last week. Apparently you know what our souls need, ;-D

    I like how your story pivots on this line: “Although she dealt with details, not faith, her creative juices were revved up.” Brava!

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    • And I can’t take any credit for that line you like so much, Marian, since “details,” “faith,” and “creative juices” are words and phrases from the readers here. Proof of how much we learn from each other! Hugs to you, my soul-full Florida friend. ❤

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  3. Loved this, Pam, and how cool that you incorporated comments from last week into this story! You never cease to amaze me with your creativity. Will there be a part 3…. maybe a part 4…. a book??? Ha ha ha. Happy Writing, my friend. ❤ ❤

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  4. I concur with Diana. This is very clever Pam, and very touching. I felt chills as the story and Megan shifted from skepticism to trust. May we trust our inner knowing and accept the support of friends and the universe! Thanks Pam! 🙏💕

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    • Megan has gone silent on her retreat, so no Part 3. I think she’s floating along with other Spirits who are ommmming their way into inner knowledge. What fun, huh? 🙂


  5. This is brilliant that you incorporate the comments to write part 2, Pam. I always enjoy dialogue. When I was working at the school district, I enjoyed working in a committe to get inputs in the planning. The members can see part of themselves in the result. 😊

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    • That’s exactly it, Miriam. We wrote the second part of this story as a “story committee,” A lot of fun!! (We can always use “a little help from our friends,” ) ❤


  6. Mmm. And in the end, she found the retreat intriguing, even if she didn’t say so. Since I’m new around here and haven’t read backwards much, I hope we are treated to more stories.

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    • No need to read backwards. 🙂 I usually post every other Friday, and my blog posts move from every other – non-fiction and fiction. I think Megan has found her way, so my next post will be personal. ❤

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  7. There is a part of me that wants to see Megan not go down the enlightenment path. I’d much rather see her come out the other side of this trip even more cynical than before.

    Or are you gonna go with the creepy cult idea? Because that would be cool, too! I’m totally getting the cult-y vibes.

    BTW: Joseph is a creepy, irresponsible, manipulative douchebag. Kill him off, won’t you?

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    • My dear fellow writer. I know you like to act as if you are filled with cynicism and disbelief, but I also know YOU (aha!) and you want Megan to find her joy. I’m letting Megan (and Joseph and Keto) go now. I think they’ll be just fine. Now, about you….. : Perhaps you just need to pet a capybara to rediscover your joy. 🙂

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  8. Hi there rough water – this smooth read had some tasty takeaways even without my reading part one.
    You let us feel her open mind and her leadership side – for example, not firing the assistant months ago because he was so good says so much – keeping good talent sometimes goes beyond personal preference
    and then the connection to finding the soul connection to this world (enlightenment or whatever) is a topic I like to see explored –
    oh and little details also spoke to me – like the faux tan leather

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  9. Pam, I LOVE this!! Only you would think to continue a story incorporating your friends’ comments and what a dream of a tale! Your imagination knows no bounds and I feel a great sense of peace for Meghan and her future – and it’s wonderful that she feels that she has ” … ended up just where I needed to be.” Isn’t that often the way in life … it’s just we fight what is best for us?! Lovely to see you back and hope you had a heavenly break! hugs xx ❤️

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    • Hi Annika!! Always wonderful to read your comments. Oh, how satisfying it is to know we’re where we’re supposed to be. 😃 Listening to our own intuition is hard at times, but so worthwhile. Xo

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  10. Not sure if I helped in this follow up but I really like it. Sometimes we need to just be still and quiet and that is very difficult for some (me for instance) because my mind is always racing and with thoughts that are not always healthy. Love reading your words… ❤️

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  12. Hi Pam,

    For some reason I don’t have good luck leaving a comment on your blog page…I have tried changing my password and still not able to get in. It’s not only your page. WordPress just doesn’t like me….

    Anyways, I do read most of your post and in the last one I love the photo of you standing on the Jetty…Happy Weekend. I hope this note finds you..’



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  13. Oh my, I’m not sure how that comment got there because it didn’t initially show up for me. But so happy to see it there…hugs.

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