The Unknowable, Revealed? accepted the applause at the end of her speech but was dismayed. She hadn’t felt the normal elation that came after a successful corporate weekend.

This was her fourth year of speaking at the annual conference of her peers – a conglomeration of scientists, engineers, mathematicians, and theologians. Her talk on “The quantum theory and how the electrodynamics of the Universe integrates fundamental physics concepts to better understand the impact of human activities on Earth’s systems” was always a popular culmination to the gathering.

Today was no exception. As always, the loudest claps from the audience came from the ministers/priests/rabbis who attended this seemingly incongruous symposium. But why? Not once did she discuss spiritual matters. In fact, Megan didn’t have a spiritual bone in her body.

She walked away from the podium feeling disillusioned and discouraged. She was at the pinnacle of her career, yet why did she feel so let down? So…uninspired?

Dr. Lenderhof, renowned physicist, gave her two quick pecks on each cheek, exclaiming “Bravo, Dr. Endicott.” She shrugged lightly, but he then pushed a man in front of her. “Meet the Most Venerable Kako.”

The tall, lean, bald man dressed in a drab green robe placed his palms together and bowed slightly toward Megan. She sighed inwardly. What was he doing here? Kako was a well-known Buddhist abbot recently in the headlines because he opened a retreat not for followers, but for disbelievers, at his northern California retreat.

Megan bowed back and whispered, “Namaste.”

 “Thank you,” Kako replied.

“For what?” Megan was surprised. Her talk would not have inspired a monk or any religious leader in any sense of the word.

“For accepting my invitation to spend a week at Namaste Wellness. I’m honored and thrilled.”

 Megan blinked. What was he talking about? sent her a Mona Lisa smile. “Your reservation says you’re joining us tomorrow and that your flight is booked. A car will be waiting for you at the San Francisco airport, and then it’s a three-hour journey to our place of respite and retreat.”

Megan’s mouth opened and closed. But inside, deep inside, she felt a shudder of recognition. Last week when she’d stressed over the myriad administrative details that had to be accomplished, her assistant had mentioned something about Megan needing a get-away.  Distracted, Megan had snapped: “yes, just do it.”

A sentence in her speech boomed in her brain just at that moment:

“Energy and matter interact throughout the universe for inexplicable reasons, yet somehow revelations occur.”

 “I’m looking forward to my time at Namaste Wellness more than you can know,” Megan finally replied graciously.

“Oh, believe me Dr. Endicott,” Kako answered with a soft breath. “The unknowable will be revealed.”

Expecting dread, Megan instead felt a shiver of delight.

108 thoughts on “The Unknowable, Revealed?

    • You found the “hot spot” in this post I think, Ally. Somehow revelations occur, when most unexpected. One of the problems of us (humans) is that often we don’t see the answer even though it’s right in front of us! ;-0 xo

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  1. Brave Megan! Too many memories of EST retreats three miles from San Francisco. Having faith in her assistant is imperative in this situation. Let us know the results of her decision.

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  2. I think right about now Megan is getting what many of us need. A quiet and reflective week away. Bravo to her assistant. As always Pam I found myself leaner closer to the screen reading as if I might actually become part of the story.

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    • I’m always so nervous when I’m asked to continue the story (which ended because I try to keep it at 400 words or so). Gulp. I’m going to “go with the flow” and see if Kako will give me a clue about what’s next. 🙂

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  3. I always think “be careful of what your sub-conscience may be wishing for. . .”, but then again, Pam, your cliff-hanger may be just what the rest of us want to liven up our winter doldrums! Welcome back!

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    • Thanks for the insightful phrase: “go far enough west and you end up east.” That’s quite profound, because it can be interpreted many ways. I was first intrigued with the combination of science and mysticism when I read books by Madeleine L’Engle (like A Wrinkle in Time, and actually all of her journals).

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      • I haven’t read that book, Pam. Perhaps I should! I heard that phrase the first time when western science started moving into quantum physics and explaining things that the ancient mystics of the east had been describing for thousands of years. I never forgot it, and still think it’s very cool that we know so little about the workings of the universe. ❤ ❤ Great story.

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        • A Wrinkle in Time was published as a “children’s or young adult” book, but it’s for anyone who wants to open their mind. L’Engle was an amazing writer, deep and intimate, and when she began to explore physics and metaphysics, her world and her stories enlarged. When I began reading her journals in my 30s (The Summer of the Great Grandmother comes to mind) I knew then that I’d like to be a writer.

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    • Oh, what a great reply (and question), Pete. When I think back, I’d say almost EVERYTHING I signed up for (metaphorically, like college, marriage, parenting) I had no idea what I was really signing up for. :-0 🙂

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    • Good to be back. Megan and Kako entered my creative unconscious (CU) without an invitation, but they certainly made for an intriguing story. NOW what happens? I guess I better invite them back into my CU. 🙂

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  4. I’d love a limo to be waiting for me at the San Francisco airport, and then a journey to a place of respite and retreat. Before I’d sign on though, I think I’d ask for more details, Pam, the Imaginator Extraordinaire.

    I hear calls for an encore, or at least a sequel. 😀

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  5. You never cease to amaze me with the twist of your story, Pam. Umm, let me think, somehow for some unknown scientific connection, there was a leap or skip, physics met with mystics… Something like that. Let us know how it goes! 🙂

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  6. Pam, you are a delight. The title of her speech cracked me up, because I’ve seen such long titles at those “professional” kinds of things. I’m also reminded of a joke…
    A priest, a minister, and a rabbit walk into a bar. The bar tender looks at the rabbit and says, “I think you’re a typo.”
    Hugs on the wing!

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  10. The unknowable will be revealed! I can’t wait to read more. But maybe will sit for just a few seconds appreciating the unknowable. Here, now, not knowing what will happen next. Perfect. ❤

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