Humming Along

hummingbird, fly, nectar, soarI smell it. The sweetness.

I see it. The red food that pops out of the sea of green.

I soar toward it, flitting fast fast fast, my tiny wings as swift as the fairies, pushing me toward the prize.

I attack, in my sensual, feminine way, sucking up the nectar, feeling the juice course through my florescent-feathered body, feeling the strength return as I flitter away, flying into a blue paradise of air and clouds and tall sturdy branches.

But I don’t stop. I never stop. My kind can’t stop – we’re built to live in constancy, in motion that has no pause, no completion, because we’re always searching for the next red or orange or pink bud of desire.

The next driven drink of life.

San Francisco, hummingbird

Humming along with San Francisco in the background.

17 thoughts on “Humming Along

    • Thanks for linking your blog post – what a fabulous title! Yes, hummingbirds are inspiring in many ways. And I’ve been to Coronado Island several times – probably a paradise for the hummers.


  1. I love that last photo with the city skyline in the background!

    Our “hummers” have finally showed up. I noticed that they arrived the day after our big magnolia tree started blooming—something to keep in mind for next year. : )


    • Yes, we put up a colorful hanging flower basket in early May, and voila, they return. (and they also seem to love the sugar water we put in that feeder). I happen to think they like the view…


  2. Really enjoyed pausing by your words and hearing your hummingbird sweetness share itself with the world. Our hummingbirds usually return mid-May. Now I’ll remember this special story when they first arrive to suck.


  3. Lovely hummer photos! You’ve reminded me that I probably should put our feeder out soon. I could just sit and watch them all day.


  4. I have been waiting for the hummingbirds to hit our feeder for 2 weeks now so I can catch them with my new camera – ungh – nothing yet! love yours and the writing with it!


  5. I love hummingbirds. I tried to put out a feeder last year and found a colony of ants drowned in it a week or two later. Ughh. Now I’m just trying to plant flowers that they like. Have you ever seen one land? They look like a miniature little bird. Go figure.


    • Bees like the sweet hummingbird water too. Fortunately we have enough hummers stop by that the bees get intimidated. However, I’m not sure ants would get intimidated by anyone or anything! :+)


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